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Present day

"But next week never came." Kobi shrugged as she looked up at her therapist as her leg shook viscously.

"What do you mean by that Kobi? Yall never went on the trip?" Ms. Janae

"Meaning i never seen him again." Kobi sighed.
"Some say he's right where God's want him to be." She said lowly not being able to attach the world death with him.

"What do you say?" Ms. Janae asked.

"I don't know." Kobi shrugged. "There isn't a body but yet everyone is convinced he's dead." She laughed bitterly. "Even his sister told me to just let him go." She scoffed.

"Let him go?" She asked more- so to herself. "He's not dead but maybe he should be. Maybe that'll be easier."

"So where's this sudden death rumor coming from?" Ms. Jane asked.

"People on the streets. At stores everybody but yet his family is doing perfectly fine, his homeboys? perfectly fine, but me? His alleged girlfriend is here talking to a therapist." Kobi smiled sarcastically.

"And how do you feel about them shutting you out?" Ms. Jane asked.

"I wouldn't necessarily say they shut me out? more so i shut them out. They never want bring up the elephant in the room which is Kade's disappearance." Kobi shrugged.

"So who haven't you shut out?" Ms. Jane asked.

"God." She answered. "And Kash."

"What about your parents?"

"The thing is nobody knew about me and Kade but Kash and his homeboy Quincy well and Quincy's babymama Naveah." She explained. "So i couldn't really talk about it with anyone but those three people but i just chose not to talk about simply because Kade left me without warning, without any clues, without a goodbye, he just fell off the grid as if he doesn't exist so why should i even talk about him? Clearly doesn't want to be talked about." Kobi shrugged.

"Hmm." Ms. Janae hummed as she watched Kobi's whole demeanor. She was angry, hurt, confused, but she was strong and just wanted to move on. She sure looked the part.

After the night of Kobi and Kade's conversation on their trip the next morning Kobi had went home and whenever she tried calling or texting Kade she had gotten no response. She knew they weren't on bad terms so the sudden ignorance was confusion to her. After a full 24 hours she had reached her point she went over to his house to find everything there but him. His cars, everything was in place; in the right place but him. She walked into his bedroom and instantly saw his phone sitting on the bed untouched.

Confused is what she was.

"Kade" She yelled out. Feeling her breathing pick up she started to look everywhere throwing things, picking up mattresses. She just needed to find him.

"Kade!" She called out again. She quickly picked up the phone from the bed and went to Quincy's contact seeing that she didn't have his number.

"Yo what the fuck?" Quincy said answering the phone confused.

"Where the fuck is he?" Kobi growled through the ohone. Quincy sighed deeply before looking to his right and taking a deep breath.

"Where is who Kobi-Jae?" He asked as if she didn't know who she was referring to.

"You know exactly who im talking about ... Where is he?" She asked on the verge of having an mental breakdown.

"Look ... I don't know Ko." Quincy sighed.

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