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"Kadeee!" Kobi moaned loudly as Kade slammed in and out of her. He pushed down on her back as he seen she was about to mess up her perfectly arched back.

"Uhn un stay just like that baby." He coached as he grabbed her waist with his free hand.

"Baby, i can't." She cried out in pleasure.

"Yes you can mama." He said lowly as he felt her walls gripping him making him groan he knew she was about to cum.

"Baby im about to cum." She cried out for what seemed like the 6th time today.

"Go ahead baby." He said as he pulled out smirking to himself as she looked back at him with a frown. He just simply flipped her over before he placed his dick back at her entrance. Smiling down looking at her chocolate pouty face he began teasing her.

"Yesterday you was Ms. Big and Bad wasn't it?" He asked her as he leaned down and kissed her. "Now you wanna cum?" He asked furrowing his eyebrows looking down at her as she poked her bottom lip out.

"Kade." She whined as she tried to scoot down making her dick connect with her entrance but she huffed once he didn't push it in. "Baby cmon you know you want too, look she's leaking." Kobi said looking down at her dripping vagina as Kade did the same. He took his thumb and rubbed it against her clit making her grab ahold of his wrist while her body started to lose control. She was never able to take her clit getting her rub, it would feel so good but she couldn't stay still for nothing the feeling was just too intense, everytime.

"Don't go back there okay Jae?" He said lowly ready to stick his dick back in.

"Yes baby." She answered as she finally felt him inside of her. Rolling her eyes to the back of her head she let out a soft moan feeling herself about to cum. She was afraid to say it seeing he took his dick out the last time.

"Go head baby." He said already and Kobi immediately let herself go all over him. Quickly pulling out he placed his dick on her stomach as he himself also nutted.

Kobi blew out a breath as she locked eyes with Kade. He leaned down to give her a quick kiss before grabbing the towel next to them and wiping off her stomach, wiping himself after.

"Go pee baby." He said as he threw the towel down and helped her up.

"Carry me."

"Big ass baby." He mumbled as he picked her up and she instantly rested her head on his shoulder. "Shake back." He joked causing her to scoff.

"You're about to go huh?" She asked lowly and he could instantly tell the change in her demeanor.

"Nah." He said although he really did need to go, but he didn't need her to shut down on him. He hated it. "I'a go ina' few. You staying with me tonight?" He asked her as she got down and finally began to relieve herself.

"If you coming here late then no." She said as he watched her every move. "Cause you love having me up in this house that's far away from everything and everybody by myself." She said as she passed him to wash her hands while he only moved back a little still leaving her no space.

"You don't gotta' stay here Jae, i'll bring you to the hood with me you do whatever and i'll come get you before i head home."

"And how long is that Kade?" She asked as she finally looked up at him shifting all her weight on one leg.

"Baby, im not gone be long. Just some shit i gotta' handle then we can come home and do whatever you wanna do." He said and she rolled her eyes before walking around him.

"You make it sound good. But sure Kade whatever."

"You always rolling your eyes them bitches gone get stuck." He frowned as he followed behind her.

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