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Her frown was bolder than the new color hair she had just tried in her head as she looked down at her now ruined g nikes. She could already feel the red stickiness on them as the red Powerade got comfortable finding its new home on her shoes.

"My bad ma'am ian mean to do that shit for real." The boy said as he looked at the frown on the girl's face as she looked down at her shoes. Sorrow, his eyes were filled with sorrow not knowing what to do he instantly bent down trying to wipe the powerade off with his hands as if he was getting paid to do so. Feeling his hand become sticky he frowned before getting up.

"Please don't do that." Kobi said cringing as she sucked her teeth and asked Jose for a couple napkins. Bending down to wipe the liquid off of her shoes she cringed at the now permanent red stains that were left. The trash is where they were going.

"My bad bruh." The boy said yet again.

"Pooda, come on bruh." Another boy yelled out as he impatiently waited on his friend.

"It's okay pooda." She said calling the boy whatever his friend just called him. "Your friends waiting on you." She said pointing to the boy that was standing in door of the store.

"Pooda." A deep voice called out making Pooda snap his head in the direction it came from.

"Cmon." Kade said and Pooda instantly followed behind him going into the back with him and Kobi just watched as both figures disappeared.

"Damn girl your shoes. What the hell." Jarvis said laughing as he seen Kobi's shoes.

"You're an ass." Kobi said flipping him off.

"If you wanna fuck just say that." Jarvis joked.

"Yuck." Kobi said stick her finger im the back of her throat.

"You just did too much, but nah what happened?"

"Some nigga named Pooda wasted his powerade on my shoes." She sighed as she threw the napkins away.

"Damn, i think that's that new nigga thats moving weight for Kade."

"Moving weight?" Kobi asked frowning. "He look young as hell." She said picturing the boy again.

"Shithcea, li nigga got heart though." Jarvis shrugged. "Clumsy as hell too though."

Now Kobi was too deep in her thoughts. Kade had a little boy moving weight without a care in the world. What heartless human being would leave a little boy with some coke to sell?

"Thats sad." Kobi sighed. Just like Angel. She honestly felt for the girl. But she just didn't want to be around that. But Raya was right, Angel got hooked on the coke that Kade was producing. That's how he made his money, Angel was a buyer, one of the regulars Kobi assumed. The money she brought her coke with went straight to Kade. Was it Kade's fault Angel got addicted to coke? No, Angel was her own individual being but Kade made the product for it to be addicting.

It was made to get people addicted so they could keep coming back for me. When Angel took it she probably was one who thought she wasn't going to get addicted but little did she know she was bargaining with a game that didn't lose. It consumed her and turned her into what she was today.

Kobi felt bad, so bad to the point were she agreed to help her out sometimes, whatever that meant. She felt guilty for something she didn't even partake in. But her boyfriend did and for that she still felt a little bit of guilty.

"Shit no, he begged for that shit. Now Kade just helping li man out." Jarvis shrugged. "Can't blame him for something another nigga wanted."

"Another nigga wanted? J thats a little boy he dont know what he want. Kade a grown ass man and know how dangerous that shit is. He should know when to turn somebody away." Kobi shrugged letting her lips fall into a frown.

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