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    Kobi sat there awkwardly as the older lady cleaned her scratches and out bandages on some of them. She tried to regulate her breathing but she just made herself seem like she didn't know to breathe.

"You okay?" Ms. Valerie asked her as she frowned down at the scary girl.

Kobi just nodded her head as she thought about Kade, she hoped he was okay.

"That was Kade that sped by my house wasn't it?" Valerie asked the unknown girl who looked like she was in her own little world.

"Yes ma'am." Kobi spoke lowly.

"And who are you?" The lady asked her. 

"Kobi." She said hoping the lady didn't ask her anymore questions but she knew better than that.

"Well, Kobi im Ms. Valeria Kade's mother may i ask who are you to my son?" She asked as Kennedi stood by the door ease dropping.

"His girlfriend." Kennedi answered making her presence known. "You must be the girl he talks about all the time and asks for places to take you." Kennedi said smiling. "You are soo pretty."

"Thank you." Kobi said blowing out a breath she didn't realize she was holding.

"So you're the girl who has my son nose wide open?" Another voice came and Kobi mentally rolled her eyes at all the unknown people in this unfamiliar place by herself. "Pardon me, im Spade Kade's father."

"Kobi." She said keeping it short. Kade never talked about his father so she didn't know what to expect or think.

"Well im Kennedi!" His sister introduced eagerly. Kobi looked over at her and gave her a small smile feeling flattered by her excitement. She was brownskin with straight hair and she looked exactly like Kade. But they both looked exactly like their dad.

Kobi heard paws hit the ground and felt as ease, finally something familiar. "Oreoo!" She said excitedly as the dog ran to her just as excited as he started to bark and jump around her before placing his paw on her.

Valerie watched intrigued she was about to get ready to tell the dog to get, up until she realized Oreo was all too familiar with the girl. Oreo was Kade's dog but his sister needed Oreo for emotional support so Oreo was staying with her until she felt better.

Spade watched with his eyebrow raised before looking over at his wife who just stared at the girl.

"Does anyone know if Kade's okay?" Kobi asked keeping her eyes on the dog as she rubbed him. He was helping her emotionally right now.

"He should be here any minute." Spade spoke before walking off leaving the three women alone.

"How old are you?" Valerie asked bluntly.

"Mama." Kennedi said frowning at her.


"Still in school?"

"Yes ma'am."

"How come?" Valerie asked very intrigued. She knew Kade knew better than to bring a bobble head home to her and here this almost 20 year old is sitting in her house 19 years of age and is still in school.

"Mama." Kennedi said yet again.

"What, I have a mouth for a reason i could ask a damn question."

"My birthdays late, and one year of elementary school my mama held me back because we had a permanent sub and she felt like i didn't learn what i needed to for 5th grade." Kobi said honestly. She wasn't ashamed about it nor was she intimidated by his mother.

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