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The two sat in the car in silence as Kade smoked his blunt as he finally felt himself being able to relax. He placed his free hand in hers as he closed his eyes as he sunk more into his seat. He gave her hand a tight squeeze causing her took look over at him.

Exhaustion, regret, and sorrow.

"You okay?" Kobi asked softly. She had never seen him like this before so it was kind of throwing her off guard and she didn't know how to respond to it.

"Im good Jae." He said tiredly.

"Where you been?" She asked lowly.

"Around." Was all he said and she nodded her head looking out the window. "Not like that Jae, i promise it's not like that." He assured.

"Right." Kobi said as she slightly moved over from him.

"See this the shit, that been on my heavy na."

"What been on yo mind Kade?" Kobi asked with a scoff.

"Leaving you." He admitted as he looked down at his lap. Those two words were enough to cause Kobi's heart to drop as she pushed his hand from off her. She scoffed as she laughed lowly to herself.

"Leaving me?" She asked. "If anything i should be the one wanting to leave you. You barely text back, you don't call no more, you don't make sure im straight. You been doing you, and ian been saying shit."

"That's exactly why Jae." Kade said. "I got alot going on Kobi. Shit thats way bigger than me. I don't have time to be checking in with you every step of the way. I feel like im neglecting you, and ion want you to feel like that. Cause God knows how much i love the fuck outta' you Kobi-Jae. I just can't give you 100% right now." Kade said as he avoided eye contacted with Kobi. He was looking outta the window as she did the same.

"But you can check in with Quincy though right?" Kobi said pettily.

"Man, he already know the shit that happening half the time ion check in with him. I be with my pops."

"But you had time to go to the club with hoes?" She said again and he looked over at her and laughed.

"What nigga you been talking to?" He frowned looking over at her with his eyes squinted.

"Oh, so it's true." She laughed.

"It's true but i wasn't on no hoes and no hoes was on me. My pops told the boys to take me out cause i had a long week and they literally forced me to go. Ion even fuck with clubs for real and you know that."

"I don't believe you."

"And why is that?"

"Cause you said it was us against the world clearly you lied about that. Might be lying about everything else too." She shrugged nonchalantly looking outta' the window.

"Bruh." He sighed as he leaned back further into his seat.

"Talking bout you can't give me 100% right now. Well obviously you fucking dumb ass. You not gone be able to give me 100% all the time. Who is ever able to give somebody 100% everyday of their life Kade? Be fucking for real." She said looking over at him. "Use that lame ass excuse for the next bitch foreal."

Kade just clicked his teeth and shook his head. Only if she knew, he wanted her to know. He wanted to tell her but he didn't want her to have nothing to do with what he had going on. He felt like a dark cloud that rained over everybody's parade and he didn't want to rain on hers.

"You just don't know man." He mumbled shaking his head. She was out there fighting bitches but he was fighting for his life. "Youn' understand Jae, just don't worry about it." He said dismissing it.

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