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    Love and War played throughout the speaker in Kobi's room as she was cleaning her room. She had been at Kade's house for a few weeks now and she had finally made it feel homey to her. Kade had flew out of town for the weekend so she had the whole house to herself and she enjoyed it, she felt free.

After she had made her bed she traveled downstairs to the livingroom, turning it on and started to play the dream girls playlist as she began to clean down there too. It wasn't necessarily dirty but Kade had marble white floors and she wanted them to be crystal clear and she also wanted to clean the windows and put some pillows on the couch that she brought while out one day. She saw them and instantly thought it'll go good with Kade's white couch. His house was too bland for her, it was like nobody lived there.

"Never met a man, quite like you." She sung lowly with Jennifer Hudson as she danced while mopping the floor. She started laugh when Kj came and began to jump up along with her, while she continued to sing as if she was singing to Kj.

"Never could have known, this would be." She sung as she kind of jumped back as Kj tried to jump on her. Kobi only had on a sports bra and shorts to go with it and she did not want him to scratch her.

She began to finish mopping and sung lowly to herself. But instantly stopped once she noticed Kj started barking obnoxiously causing her to look up. She slightly jumped at the guard that Kade usually had standing outside the door. "Oh shit, you scared me." Kobi said holding her chest.

"Just was checking on you, usually when people play this kind of music they be in they feelings or sum shit." He said clearing his throat.

"Oh no, im fine. Just cleaning." She assured as she continued to clean and began tuning him out. He was headed out the door giving her one last glance that turned into him staring at her physique. She was truly beautiful.

Hearing someone clear their throat he jumped looking toward the outside of the door and there stood Kade with his bags in his hand a frown displayed on his face. He walked into the house passing up Emmanuel and looked into the direction he was looking in and saw Kobi wiping over the island.

"Why the fuck you in my house man?" Kade asked Emmanuel as he took his eyes off of Kobi.

"I was just trying to make sure she was okay."

"She look okay to me, get the fuck out." Kade said calmly but anyone could tell he was pissed off. Emmanuel excused himself before leaving out of the house and going back to his post. Kade looked over at Kobi one last time before he went off to put his bags in his room, he was beyond tired. He had a long flight and a frustrating weekend. Usually men would love to come home to a clean house or to they're lady cooking and cleaning but he wasn't. Only because she wasn't his lady and he couldn't have her in the way he wanted. He was very appreciative but he just wanted to hold her, for her to hold him or just even a hug.

Kobi went over to the livingroom and grabbed the remote before changing the song to Jennifers Hudson song the fan's favorite. If you know you know.

"No no no theres no way." She began to sing lowly as she started to move a few things around in the livingroom. She wished Kade had a portrait of himself that she could've hung up.

Kobi continued to hum lowly to the song. She hadn't even realized Kade was in the home. She in her own world and Kade loved that for her. He stood far off as he just watched her just as Emmanuel did. Kj started barking in excitement at Kade catching Kobi's attention causing her to turn around.

"When you got here?" She asked looking him up and down before meeting his eyes again.

"15 minutes ago." He answered as he eyed her attire before looking back up at her. "Wassup with you? Singing this old ass shit."

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