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for everybody that's confused:

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for everybody that's confused:

Kade & Kobi were boyfriend and girlfriend but nobody knew but a selective amount of ppl. But recently Kade disappeared to where? Who knows.

So when i wrote the beginning of chapter 17 i started off with Kobi talking to a therapist and she said "But next week never came." soo i basically made it as if she was telling the therapist about her and Kade. Basically everything from chapter 1-16 i made it seem like it was old and she was just telling her therapist about what happened a year and a half ago ...

Tasim he's a new love interest, him and Kobi are currently dating.

Jarvis is Kobi's childhood bestfriend.

If anyone is still confused lmk what your confused about pleaseee, okay love yall byeee.

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