[2] The Legend, it's Real.

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Her eyes widened with horror. The white walls and white tile floors were covered with dried blood splatter as if a massacre happened in the middle of a school hallway.

She dared to venture out of the nurses office into the empty hallway.The walls were lined with different colored and designed lockers except one white one. She looked at it as if she knew it was special. So she went up to it and opened it. A small note fell out onto her bare foot.

She picked it up to read what was on it. Your next. It was written in blood on the small white note card.

She put it back in the locker and closed it. "I have to find a way out of here." She tells her self and she continues to follow down the hall. All the doors she passed were painted bright red except one was painted black. She looked at it nervously not knowing what could be on the other side.

She gripped the white knob turning it slowly till she heard the click of the handle. She took a deep breath before opening it.

She screamed jumping back as she saw what was inside that room. Dead bodies of past victims hanging there. The ages and genders varied as did the race. She couldn't stop looking at what might come of her, but she had to get a grip. "The only way of surviving is becoming just like them." She tells herself. "A psychopath."

She closes the door trying to remove the image from her head. She leans on the door looking down the empty hallway. "How will I survive in a school full of psychopaths when I don't even know who I am?" She groans. Voices and footsteps begin to echo down the hall.

She knew it was game time and she had to convince these psycho's she was one of them, but how?


Ooh, so this has become interesting. What would you do in this situation?

I know that I would totally get into my psycho mode and scare the craps out of the real psycho's. J.k. I would probably die first if I did that.

Please tell me what you think so far, if you have any questions and if you want to create a character. Since I haven't made all of them yet and I'm still in need of more psychopaths.

Just give me the age, gender, looks (eyes, hair, skin, and any body details.), personality and why they are psycho.

Stay sane, unless you're already a psychopath. Then stay insane.

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