[7] Killer Skills

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They went to the shooting range where she can basically shoot anything. Then they checked out the sword fighting, which she was also good at. She basically learned that she knew how to use every weapon that was made. Now she was going to be tested with her body.

She stood there in the fighting ring with Fro who seemed to be the fighting ring champion. When he was ripped and looked like he could beat the shit out of anything.

She swallowed hard as she entered into the ring. "You think you can handle me girly?" Fro chuckled.

"That's what I'm trying to find out." She spoke back with no emotion. "So what are the rules?" She asks worried.

"No rules, just try to knock the other person out." He said taking his ready stance.

"When do we-" a bell rang out and the match began. They circled each other as if studying for some weakness.

"Go Fro!" Choker chanted making everyone watch them. She didn't have a good feeling about this.

Fro stepped forward with a punch and luckily she dodged it in time but it got her off balance and she almost tripped. That's when he jabbed her in the gut making the crowd go wild.

She stood up straight again to face him but she knew that the pain will slowly get to her. Are you going to let him do this to you, or are you going to fight? The female voice in her head told her. And she decided that she was going to fight.

They were circling again when he went for a left hook, but she dodged and hit him in his right rib cage with a satisfying snap. He grunted and stepped back leaving him open for a round house kick to the face. She brought her right foot to his face then her left foot followed knocking Fro to the ground. He groaned from the pain on the ground. "Finish him!" People began to shout. Finish him. The voice told her. She clenched her fists as she looked down at Fro.

"No!" She snapped back making everyone gasp. She knelt down next to him. "Let me take you to the nurse." She whispered in his ear as she helped him up.

"What's wrong with you, don't you know the rules." The pink haired girl snapped at her.

"I make my own rules." She said simply as she helped Fro walk out leaving everyone still in shock.

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