[5] Insanity is my best friend

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After following around Zoey all day she was glad to get a break and have a bed to sleep in.

"So do you like the ripped pink tight or the ripped blue tights?" Zoey holds up the tights for her to choose.

"Well you could go with the blue ones with the rocker tank top and the pink one with the sleeveless flannel." She says pointing at the outfits.

"You are so right." Zoey giggles as she puts the outfits together. They sit on the edge of the bed relaxing from a strange day. "So you haven't got your bags or a room yet?" The blonde asks confused.

"Nope, it's like they want me to figure everything out for myself." She shrugs.

"Okay, well you can go to the office and tell them." The blonde suggests as she paints her black nails with pink stripes.

"I'll do that." She jumps off the bed. "Where is the office again?"
After Zoey gave her directions she headed to the office.

"Hello?" She calls out nervously as she enters.

A women in a black suit with blood red hair walks into the room from the office in the back. "How may I help you?" She asks.

"I wasn't given clothes or a room." I say trying not to show her my fear.

"Then you must be a victim, but just for fun I'll give you a room and clothes." She smirks. She went to her office again leaving me here alone before coming back out with a duffle bag and a key. "Here is your stuff, good luck."

She left as fast as she could to find her room. Once she did she felt relief but once she opened the door it was gone. It was worse than she thought. The room looked like one of those white padded rooms in an asylum. "Yeah, this is definitely driving me crazy."

She dropped her duffle bag on the white spring bed and opened it. It was filled with clothes that fit me and seemed that I would wear. So I traded my clothes for pajama pants and a tank top. "How will I survive?" She groans as she lays to sleep. I guess Insanity will be my best friend.

Hey you crazy people, so she got a room and clothes to change things up.

Anything can happen next and everything will.

I still need some psycho's so please comment a description and tell me about them. I really want to bring in more characters.

This is so insane it's sane, or am I just nuts? You will never know.

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