[16] What will become of Us

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It was a week before the killing games and they still didn't know our actual teams yet. She usually stay at Rex's room since it looks like a teacher's lounge turned into a bedroom.

"So what are we going to do?" She ask him as he makes some dinner for them.

"We are going to fight and survive together." He says handing her a bowl of Mac and cheese.

"But what if we aren't on the same team?" She asks concerned before taking a bite.

"Well we will just have to make sure we are. Or we just join together to beat everyone else." He shrugs.

"Easy for you to say." She giggles happily. "You're tough and can beat the others while all I can do is run."

"You can fight, I know you can." He says encouragingly.

"Yes, but I can kill." She sighs. "That's why I need you or the others."

"You just have to wound them and I'll be there." He tells her. She smiles at her almost finished bowl of Mac and cheese.

"You know at first I didn't like it here, then I met you and Zoey and even Silent. I guess I'm glad to have all of you." She looks up at him.

Their eyes meet and his leans in to kiss her lips softly. "I'll always protect you." He whispers before kissing her again.

"Promise?" She asks before giving him another sweet kiss.

"Promise." He whispered back. And they kissed passionately. That was a night they will always remember.

Hey, everyone so I'm so glad to be introducing an new and super special character.

I am super excited well hope you enjoyed.
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