[14] The L word, Lunatic

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She looked at him in fear of what she just said. "I love you." She was worried that it might be too early and she was scared of how he would react.

She swallowed hard when he leaned on closer. She was worried of what he might say. Then his lips pressed onto her with need. She was confused at first and she kissed back with all her passion and feelings for him.

Once he broke off he smiled at her. "I love you too." He whispered which made her smile.

"Okay that's enough of that." Blade snaps at them.

She blushes bright red and Rex smirks with triumph as he leans back in his chair. "Jealous?" Rex gives him a wicked smile.

"No." Blade glares at him before turning back to Volume and Razor.

The rest of class they just talked about ways to kill people expect Her since she kept looking out the window. She saw a white dove sitting on a tree branch. It was beautiful and peaceful and then she say a raven on another tree. It's eyes glowing red, she felt something like a connection. If she was the raven then who was the dove?

"Hey, you okay?" Zoey waved her hand in front of Die's face making her focus back on her friends.

She smiles. "Just fine." But she wasn't, she knew something was up but she just couldn't remember it. Who is the dove?

After class they headed to the training room. She now realized that Chuckles was in the group she didn't know. The three others seemed mysterious to her.

"So what to practice today?" Zoey asks as she pops her bubble gum.

"Survival tactics." She says knowing that it will be more useful than killing skills.

"Why, all we do is kill?" Zoey says back.

"But if you can survive it makes you a better killer." Rex countered.

Silent Killer nodded in agreement. "That's how I do it." He says quietly.

"Than it is settled we have to survive before we can kill." She says. She was just glad that she didn't have to kill. But she might have to when it comes down to it. It's a kill or be killed life.

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