[23] Dwindling Numbers

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It seemed people were dying faster than expected. Die and Silent were still in the tree, but knew they had to search for Rex or at least an ally they can rely on.

"We can't just wait around in this tree forever." Die insists.

Silent nodded in agreement before he began to climb down. "We can only trust three people right now." He told her as she followed him down.

"Who?" She asked confused knowing she could only trust Rex and Silent.

"Tick and Tock are still out there and we can get them on our side." He suggests.

"We do need the numbers." Die agreed as the got to the ground. "But we need to find Rex." She knew that he was still out there, it was like a second sense.

"Yes, we will find Rex." Silent agreed, but something felt wrong to him as if something bad is going to happen.


"I'm gonna kill that bàstard." Blade gripped the handle tighter.

"When we find them you will." Razor told him reasonably.

Blade wanted revenge for the death of Volume. She was brutally murdered with only a needle in her eye to indicate who did it.

"Needles will pay." Blade grunted through his teeth.

Luna had been silent the whole time planning her attack, what she was about to do will go down in history. "Are you sure he did it?" She asked as she began to plant her seeds of deception.

"What are you talking about, there was a needle." Blade growled at her.

"Yes, but Razor and I started with Needles and he gave Razor one of his needles. Do you still have it?" She looked at Razor who looked at her confused.

"Yes, I have it he..." He felt nothing in his jacket pocket. "It must have slipped out." Razor said in horror as Blade began to turn on him.

"Must have slipped out?" Blade said through clenched teeth. Luna's plan was working perfectly. Pinning two friends against each other.

"Blade I didn't kill Vol." Razor pleaded but it was too late Blade already began to swing.

The two began to fight using their weapons when Luna took out her cross bow and shot Blade in the head killing him instantly. "One down." She loaded up the next arrow as Razor stood there in shock.

"Luna, what are you..." She shot the arrow right into his chest piercing hue heart.

"All done." She smirked satisfied with her work. "Now to find Needles." She smiles as she took Razors knife. "I'll be needing this." She smirked as she walked away from the two friends she once had. They meant nothing to her, just pawns in her game of chess.


Hey, sorry I haven't updated, I've just been busy with trying to get all the work I missed. So Luna is a total badàss. I really love her character and will enjoy writing about her more since she is gonna be in it for a while.

So how did you like the whole plan, I thought it was perfect. Now that two are down that leaves...
Silent Killer,

Who's next? You'll just have to wait and see? And who are you rooting for, I would like to know.

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