[19] One last night

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*Warning: this content is rated R, but if you like this stuff. I'm glad, please enjoy or skip*

His lips pressed onto hers as he laid her down on his mattress. Their mouths not leaving each other's as they kissed passionately. Their naked bodies press onto each other's as Rex laid on top of her.

He moved his lips down to her jaw line making her moan softly as he does. "Rex." She pants driving him crazy.

"Moan for me babe." He chuckles lightly as he continues his assault to her neck.

He kissed down to her lush and full breàst. He popped one of her hardened nìpples into his moist mouth. She moaned again driving her higher. He began to run her inner thighs bring heat to her core.

"Please." Her voice was strained with need.

"Please what?" He moved over to her other nìpple as he watched her intently.

"I need..." She groan with pleasure when his thumb began to run her clìnt.

"Need what?" He whispered on her skin and he kissed his way down to her belly button. He dipped his tongue in making her moan like crazy.

"You!" She screamed out. He grinned and blew his hot breath on her sensitive skin down there.

"Where do you want me?" He asked as he licked her wet folds. She moaned loudly as he continued to lick up all her juices.

"Oh my..." And with that she orgàsmed. He lapped it up before crawling back up like a lion to its prey.

"Now it's my turn." He whispered in her ear as he slowly put his còck in her pùssy. She hissed as his large size as her vìgina stretched to fit his length. "You okay?" He asked concerned.

"Yes." She nods when the pain soon turned to pleasure.

He slid out slowly before trusting back in hard. She cried out in both pain and pleasure as he continued to trust in and out of her roughly. He pounded her over and over again till she couldn't handle it anymore. "Yes!" She screamed out her orgàsm.

He grunted as he came inside her. He fell on top of her, but still held himself so he didn't crush her. "Babe if this was our last night together, I'm so glad I spent it with you." He kissed the top of her nose.

She giggles softly as he pulled out. "Me too." She kissed his nose before he wrapped his arms around her.

She knew than that they had to survive, not for themselves, but for each other.

Hey so this was an extra chapter I had before the games begun. You make not think it is important yet, but it will be soon. I hope you are enjoying so far and I hope you enjoy the beginning of the end. And because it took me a while to post I am giving you this chapter. 

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