[26] I am Psychopath

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Die felt empty like all of her love was gone. "Rex!" She called out to him. "Rex!" She began to shake him. "Rex!" She screamed with anger and sadness.

"He's dead, just like Luna."Needles taunted as he stepped closer. "How does it feel to have your heart ripped out?" He asks darkly.

In that moment Die was gone. A monster deep inside her was released and was thristy for revenge. "What's wrong Die, does it hurt? Well good because..." In that moment she grabbed her dagger and stabbed him in the lung.

"My name isn't Die, it never was." She whispered in his ear.

"Then what is it?" He coughed up blood.

"I am Psychopath." She pressed the blade in deeper killing him. She dropped his body with no remorse or any emotion at that.

That's when Die came back and she realized what she did. She put her hands to her face as the tears began to pour. "Oh my what have I done?" She fell to her knees scared at what just happened.

"You unlocked your true potential." A female with long white hair walked into the light. "Hello sister, long time no see." The girl smirked. It was Die's twin sister with white hair instead of black.

"What is going on?" Silent asks after her final got out of the wire. "Who are you?" He looks at the twin.

"I'm Nightmare and this is my sister Psychopath." She introduces. At that point Die remembered. She grew up with all them, they were children of killers except her and nightmare. They were children of death, well more like of a famous sociopath. But they were born to kill and they all knew they would till their memories got erased and changed except nightmare. She was the perfect killer.

"They made us this way, we were friends and we killed each other. We grew up together. Why would they do this?" Die says in a panic.

"Because they wanted to go unlock your true potential, you are psychopath." Nightmare laughed softly.

"I am nameless and I will stay that way." She said standing next to Silent.

"Well four did make it out, just one isn't born yet. Too bad the dad died." Nightmare shrugged.

Die looked down at Rex. "I'm pregnant?" She asks surprised.

"Yes and what are you going to do about it?" Her sister asked.

"Kill you!" Die said as if a promise to her evil sister. She at least had Silent, but she knew her life wasn't going to easy especially will Rex gone. But she will survive if not for her, but for her child.

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All good things must come to and End.

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