[17] Skell

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She and Rec walked into class and saw a new person in class. Her black hair was beautiful with the assorted purple highlights.

The girl turned to have a skull painted on her face. She smirked at them. "Who are you two?" She points her finger with her skeleton ring.

"I'm Rex and this is my girlfriend, who are you?" He said looking upon this strange girl.

"Skell, but I'm just here for Needles." Skell stands up showing off her skull tank top and skull pants.

"Why Needles?" Rex asks looking back at Die nervously.

"Well he told me about this girl named Die and I've been dying to me her." Skell chuckled darkly.

"What about Die?" She finally spoke up and stood next to Rex.

"He told me she was a challenge, but I don't see it." The skull smile put a shiver down Die's spine.

"Hey, so I just saw the craziest thing..." Zoey came in but stopped when she say Skell.

"Well, well isn't it my mortal enemy Zoey the traitor." Skell glares at her with her rich violet eyes.

"Well isn't it little orphan Skell." The blonde snapped back. "What brings your boney butt in here?"

"Die, the challenge or so I've heard, but so far I'm not impressed." Skell started to crack each one of her fingers.

"I'll give you a run for your money." Zoey dared her.

"I know, and I'm looking forward to it." She smiled darkly. "See you around Die." She walked out without another word.

"I'll be the one to kill her." Zoey shouts. "Got it?" The whole class nodded before she left.

The two were enemies, but something changed to make them truly hate each other. "They willl only end up killing each other." Rex whispered in her ear.

"I know, but I wish there was another way." She says back. But she knew it was only them who could choose their path either of hope or of darkness.

So this character is dedicated to the created of Skell herself Angelofdarkness_proxy. I thought this song would fit you since it's titled Angel of darkness. Thank you so much for creating this amazing dark character that is totally the opposite of Zoey. It brings something new to the crazy table.



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