[4] Crazy Classmates

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"What's with the girl?" A guy with bright blue spiky hair sitting in the desk closest to the door.

"Non of your business Fro." Zoey snaps at him.

"Come with me." Rex guides her to back at Zoey and Fro keep going at it. There was about 10 other students in the classroom.

There was a boy with red hair talking to a girl with pink. Another guy with green, a guy with dark purple hair and a girl with blonde hair. Then she sees a guy in the back hiding his face with a black hoodie.

She sit next to the mystery guy and Rex sits on the other side. "Hey silent." Rex saids and the mystery guy remains silent.

"Hi, I'm Die." She puts her hand out for him to shake.

He turns towards her in the eyes. His eyes were blood red. "Welcome." He whispers for only her to hear. He shakes her hand before looking back to the front.

"No way she made him move." Fro yells out in shock.

"Yeah, that just makes her special." Zoey insists.

She sits next to the guy and he turns to face her. "What?" He asks.

"What's your name?" She asks nicely.

"He's silent killer." The guy with green hair comments.

"Did I ask you?" She snaps even though she wants to be nice. Survival of the smartest, it's the only way to live.

"Like he said." The guys says before the teacher finally walks in.

His shirt had blood stains on them and his glasses look crack and dirty. "Sorry class, just burying a body." He chuckles making the rest of the class laugh. "So where were we yesterday?"

"We were talking about hiding spots." The girl with the pink hair says.

"Yes, where is the perfect place to hide a body?" He ask as he writes it on the board.

"In the woods." The guy with green hair says.

"No in a cemetery." Zoey states proudly.

"You're both wrong." The teacher smirks. "How about you in the back." He points at the her.

"You don't, you get rid of any evidence at all. If their is nobody, there is no evidence." She says like it was second nature.

The teacher gave her a crazy grin. "Correct, miss?"

"Die." She says proudly.

"Die, what a perfect name." He laughs. It's not survival of the smartest, it's survival of the craziest.


Hey everyone, it's been a long time, but I've been writing. I just haven't been focused on this story and have been busy with school life.

I mean my school looks like heaven compared to this craziness.

So I'm still looking for some more psycho's and I would really like to hear some ideas.

So tell me your thoughts or even a character idea, go crazy. Not really, but you know what I mean.

Say in school crazy kids and don't forget to get rid of the body.

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