[11] Wacky Wednesday

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She kept looking at Rex who was staring back at her. They both decided to keep their relationship a secret for now so that they can get to know each other better.

Fro finally made an appearance after a week and three days. "You know it's Wednesday if next week right?" Zoey says as he walks in.

"Shut up." He growls at her as he sits next to Choker. It seems they are the couple it couple at this school.

"Can you believe that he's been gone for a week over a broken rib." Zoey snorts.

"It was fractured." She corrects her.

Zoey begins to crack up with some other students. "Only a fracture, that's even more pathetic." Razor snickers.

"Do you want a fractured rib?" Fro growls at him. He glares at her and she smiles back.

"That's pretty weak." Volume rolls her eyes.

"Actually I've heard fractures take longer to heal than broken bones. Because when a bone breaks it can be put back together but when it fractures it has to heal all of the fractures separately." She says out of nowhere making everyone stare at her in shock.

"Where did you learn that?" A guy with gray hair looks at her with his matching eyes.

"Needles, leave her alone." Fro snaps.

"But she's pretty and smart." He gives off a dark smirk.

"I don't remember." She says simply looking at her paper. 'Die!' She falls back out of her chair when she reads the paper.

"Are you okay?" Rex asks as he helps her up.

"I don't know." She rubs the back of her head.

Needles reads the paper confused. "How did this make you jump?" He puts down the paper. 'The human body has 106 bones and can be broken by putting an eminence amount of pressure on it.'

She looked at the paper confused. "Nothing." She says feeling as if something was off but she couldn't place it.

"Well I think you're not one of us." Needles says making her look up at him. "I think you're a victim." He points at her with a needle that is in his finger.

The whole class stared at her waiting for a response. She gave him a slight smirk. "Am I?" She pulled the needle out of his fingers and stabbed it into his hand.

He only grinned at her. "Well are you deadly." He chuckles before going back to his seat.

She sat down and let out a deep breath. "You need to keep under the radar." Rex says to her.

"I'll try." She smiles at him. "But it won't be easy." They nod in agreement as the teacher appears for their lesson.


I had to bring in a new character. He's the forth guy in Chokers group by the way. So I still have space for 4 new characters. Please don't be shy. Create your own character.

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