Chapter Three

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Here's chapter Three!


'Oh man did I make a mistake.'

I sighed as aunt Mikoto served us dinner including Madara. All though out dinner she went on and on about suitors asking for my hand in marriage when I walked though the compound. I could tell Itachi, Shisui and Sasuke didn't like it one bit.

"Aunt Mikoto. I'm not getting married. Marriage is the very last thing on my mind." I said finishing my food. I grabbed mine and Kohaku's plate walking into the kitchen. Washing the plates aunt Mikoto came in with more.

"Amaterasu, what's wrong?"

"I can't stay in the compound, aunt Mikoto." I said looking at her. She sighed as she washed the plates as I leaned against the kitchen counter.

"I know you've been though a lot when you were young but you can't keep holding onto the past."

"I'm an outsider in my own clan, aunt Mikoto. I was bullied when mom and dad died. The only people that actually helped me were your sons and Shisui. I can't stay here."

"Your stubborn, just like your mother. You even have to much pride like your father. That made me smile.

"Well I have no problem with you moving out. Your old enough to make your own choices but I'll only except it if you take the boys with you. They need to get out of here too." I hugged her before running out the kitchen.

"Itachi!" I ran over over to my cousin who starred at me when I grew closer to him I slowed down only for him to poke my forehead, I pouted rubbing my bruised forehead.

"Why do you keep doing that, huh?"

"Why were you running?"

"I going to see the Hokage right now. You,  Sasuke and Shisui are coming with me.

"I'm going too, mommy?" Kohaku asked I smiled nodding.

"I'm sure gramps would like to see you." She nodded.

We walked out the main house down the road all the while a couple of men were starring at me as we walked through the market district of the compound as we neared the entrance of the compound.

'Why do they have to stare?' I thought as I picked up Kohaku in my arms going near Itachi grabbing onto his shirt. He looked over his shoulder at me.

"Why do they have to stare? It's more annoying then Shisui."

"Hey! Amaterasu! I'm not annoying!"

"Yes you are." Sasuke said walking beside me.

"See! You even made Sasuke think that I am!"

"I did no such thing. He already knew you were annoying and an idiot."

"What you say you short brat!?" I let go of Itachi to glare at Shisui who hid behind Sasuke. We were inside the tower standing in front of the door as Itachi knocked.

"Come in."

He opened the door. Him, Sasuke and Shisui walked in before Kohaku and I. I shut the door behind me before looking straight ahead. I saw all the Hokages in the room along with a man with long spiky white hair with red lines under his eyes as it run down his cheeks. Then a man with spiky sliver hair his bead band covering his left eye as a mask covered the bottom half of his face.

"Hey gramps." I looked at old man third Hokage. I smiled at him.

"Amaterasu? Is that you?"

"Sure is gramps. You've gotten older since I last saw you." He chuckled.

"You were 11 years old then and now your a young woman."

"Mommy..." I looked down at Kohaku to see her hiding behind me peek at the Hokages. I bend down making her stand in front of me.

"And who is this child, Ama?"

"Gramps, meet Kohaku. My daughter." I smiled at him. Kohaku got nervous and hid behind me again. I stood up.

"She's a bit shy." I blinked when the man with the red lines on his face stood in front of me stroking my hand with a light blush on his cheeks.

"My, my, aren't you a beautiful lady. My name is Jiraiya and welcome to the leaf village, my lady."

I saw the blond woman glare at Jiraiya. Wait, Jiraiya?

"Your one of the sannin, right?" He blinked before grinning nodding his head.

"That's me! The frog sage! May I ask how did you hear about me?"

"Who doesn't. I used to live here in the leaf. We learned a couple of things at the academy, right Itachi?"


"You went to the academy together?"

"Yes, we're only a year apart. I'm these guys cousin. I'm Amaterasu Uchiha and I left after the clan was killed."

"Mommy, I wanna go outside and play. Too much chakra in here."

"I'll take her, Ama. We'll be at the park." Shisui said.

"Alright, take care of her Shisui." He nodded.

"Kohaku go and play with Shisui. Once I'm done here I'll go find you, okay?"

"Okay mommy." She hugged my leg before following Shisui out the door. I faced the Hokages.

"Another Uchiha survivor? Why didn't you stay?" Gramps asked.

"Itachi said he could only keep Sasuke alive and if I stayed would I have been killed like the others?" He sighed.

"If I stayed did you really think Danzo would of let me live? I don't think so." I crossed my arms over my chest.

"Danzo?" I sighed.

"I might have been the class clown with bad grades back then but I knew that man was bad news. Way before Itachi told me everything."

"You were very aware of people when you were little."

"Still am. You can call off the four ANBU that you have hiding in here, gramps." He raised his hand. My hair swayed a bit.

"What did you need from us, Amaterasu?"

"A place to live that can fit five people."

"Five? Isn't it going to be just you and Kohaku?" I looked over at Sasuke shacking my head.

"Aunt Mikoto is kicking you and Itachi out of the house. You'll be staying with me and Kohaku."

"What do you mean by that!?"

"Don't yell at me, brat!" I kicked him making him fall to the ground putting my foot on his back as he struggled to get up.

"Aunt Mikoto won't let me live outside the compound unless I have you and Itachi with me. She said that the both of you need to get out of that place too. So take it up with your mother before you start mouthing off at me. Got it?"

"Hn." I removed my foot from his back. He stood up dusting himself off.

"May I ask why you don't want to live in the Uchiha compound, Amaterasu-san?" The fourth Hokage asked. I looked at Itachi then at Sasuke. They both had their eyes closed with a frown. I sighed.

"I'm considered an outsider in the Uchiha clan."

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