Chapter ThirtyTwo

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Blood. That all there was when the battle had began. Rouges vs Uchiha and wolves. The wolves were very much enjoying themselves as they were bathing in their preys blood. Bloody paw prints were seen throughout the battle zone as Amaterasu killed any body who tried to stop her from reaching the main tent that held not only her beloved daughter Kohaku but her parents and little brother.

"Reiden! Get your ass out here!" Amaterasu yelled as she cut down two more rouge Nin that ran towards her. She came to a stop a few yards away from the tent. The rouges took this moment to surround her with their weapons drawn.

"You actually came did you?"

"Did you actually think I would leave my daughter in your hands?" Laughter could be heard from the tent. A hand moved the curtain to the side showing Reiden along with her mother and father as they stepped outside the tent.

"Where's my daughter?"

"Oh, you know. She's just in a genjutsu right now." Amaterasu narrowed her eyes when he started smirking.

"The Tsukuyomi does wonders, dear sister." Amaterasu's eyes bleed red showing off the Sharingan which slowing morfted into the Mangekyō Sharingan. The rouges Nins that were surrounding her suddenly dropped dead.

"You put her under that particular jutsu knowing full well the consequences of the aftermath after using the Tsukuyomi; enormous amount of chakra is necessary and an added amount of stress on the left eyes, leaving the eye blurred. But seeing as we both have the eternal Mangekyō Sharingan I don't know if that fact even counts for the eternal Mangekyō."

"Heh, you think you know all about it, huh?!"

"Well, old man Dara was a good enough sensei to show me the ropes of the eternal Mangekyō Sharingan and I'll show you to never mess with my family or friends again! Fuzen!"

"Got her!" Fuzen ran out the tent with Kohaku on his back.

"Take her away from here now!"

"I'm on it!"

"No you don't!" Reiden took out shurikens aiming for Fuzen only for them to be deflected by a katana. Amaterasu appeared in front of Reiden's way.

"No more of your cowardly moves, foolish little brother. You and I are fighting here and now." Reiden took out a kunai from his pouch as he ran towards Amaterasu.


Fuzen ran from the main camping grounds where he left his summoner to fight her battle. Narrowing his eyes he sensed two chakras following not far behind him. Fuzen suddenly dodged to the right narrowly missing kunais and shurikens aimed for him and Kohaku.

"Damn it."

He cursed under his breath. He hated feeling like the prey when he is supposed to be the hunter.

"Mmh... Mama..."

"Damn that brat. I should have taken him out from behind when I had the chance. If it wasn't for your idiot mother." Fuzen again dodged but to the left. He couldn't take it anymore, he wanted to sink his teeth into their flesh right about now.

"Fire style: fireball jutsu!" A burts of light came from the trees coming towards Fuzen, he jumped behind the nearest tree a few seconds later screams of pain were heard throw out the woods.

"Damn leaf brat! I should eat you for dinner!" Fuzen growled snapping his teeth at Shisui who was bowing his head apologizing to the angered black wolf.

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