Chapter Fourteen

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Two months later : February 1st

"Why can't I go on a mission? Can I go with you to meet the other Kages, lord Hashirama?" I sat on the desk as we played shōgi. It was slow today, very slow. We already finished the paperwork that had been piled up against the windows early this morning. It's was only noon now and we're bored out of our minds.

"Tsuna is going, not me, Ama-chan. She already has Kakashi and Itachi for bodyguards. Besides you know you can't leave the village with the threat of rouges around." He finished as he moved his piece. I moved my own piece.

"I know but I've been inside the village walls for two months. Besides the only time I went out was when Itachi and I went on that mission with Kakashi and Shisui." We were both right. I can't leave the village since I'm the only person who isn't the Hokage to know the secrets of Konoha. They couldn't risk sending me on missions that will end up being my end along with the village. He moved he piece.

"I know how you feel, Ama-chan. Don't think to much on the subject or you might get a headache." I sighed giving up on it.

"Fine. Have they told you anything else at the camps?" I moved again.

"Yes. After this meeting the rest of the Kages will be picking out shinobi to handle the rouges." He moved again.

"They actually gave the location of the camps? I expected them to last two weeks with Ibiki-san."

"I thought a week and I win." He placed he piece with a "tic" sound. I sighed seeing as I lost. Again.

"I'm bored~! And it's only noon." I said while stretching my arms over my head. Hashirama nodded crossing his arms over his chest. I turned my head towards the door feeling chakra running down the hall heading here. It was faint, but equals that of a civilian.

'Where do I know that chakra? I felt it before but where?' I got up from the desk rushing to the door hearing yelling, swinging it stepping out into the hall to see a few jônin blocking the person that was running.

"G-get out of my way! L-lady Ama! Is that you?!"

'That voice...'

"S-Shirō! Let him through!" I watched as they hesitantly moved aside letting Shirō by, he was covered in dirt and blood.

"L-lady Ama! Th-the village!" He tripped over his feet, I caught him just in time before hit the ground. I kneeled down on the floor holding him to me.

"Shirō? What happened to the village?"

"R-rouges... Th-they attacked us.. They asked for y-you by n-name." I noticed how his eyes looked in a daze. I lifted my hand to pat his cheek only to notice blood on them.

"Shirō! Look at me! Shirō!" I placed my hand back on his wound as I started healing him.

'He's bleeding fast! I don't think I can help him.. I have to try though.'

"Why did they need me?! Shirō!"

"They s-said a-an order w-was given t-to them."

"Ama!" I looked up seeing Tsunade and the others standing there with Jiraiya. Tsunade came rushing to us, kneeling down in front of me she also started healing the boy in my arms.

"Shirō, tell me who gave the rouges the order. Did they tell you who?"

"H-he said t-the woman w-with y-your e-eyes... A-am I g-going to d-die, lady a-Ama?" He asked leaning against me more. His breath was coming in short rasps.

"N-no, I here now." He just smiled looking at me.

"The other k-kids and I w-were cleaning y-your house in c-case y-you and k-Kohaku came back... They're in y-your h-hiding spot, j-just like you sh-showed us... I-I'm glad I g-got to see y-you again, lady Ama...." The light from his eyes slowly dimmed. Tsunade stopped healing, closing her eyes as she turned her head to the side.

"Shirō..." I placed my bloodly hand against his cheek.

"Little Shirō...?" I shook him. He didn't blink. He didn't breath. His heart didn't start up again. I shook my head.

"Shirō!" I brought him up as I placed my head on his chest, my whole body was shacking not with tears but with anger. It took a lot of self control to stay here and not go after my mother.

"Lady Tsunade..." I looked at her.

"Amaterasu, you have a mission now. A team will be waiting in front of the gates in 15 minutes." I nodded.

"Little Shirō, I'll be back soon." I mumbled closing his eyes. A jonin came and took him away. I stood up in front of Tsunade.

"I'll have Ibiki and a memeber of the Yamanaka clan to help with your mother to see how she got a message outside."

"Do it quick... I'm really trying not to go over there and kill her..." My hands were shacking with rage.

"Hurry and get ready."

"Right." I activated the seal that I had placed in my room and I appeared standing in the middle of the room. I washed off the blood and changed into my jonin uniform, getting two of my kunai pouch placing them on each of my thighs. I quickly got two scrolls and placed anything I need or the kids needed. I also put medical supplies inside and blankets. I got my pack, putting clothes and any thing I need. I grabbed my headband rushing down staires, out the door, locking it before pushing chakra into my feet heading to the gates.

I landed in front of the gates to see my team waiting. Sakura and Shizune as the medics. Shikamaru Nara and Shisui, probably to keep me from doing something stupid and Tobirama.

"The village we are going to is two days away, if we run without stopping we'll get there hopefully by tonight." I said walking through them standing in front of the gates as I put on my headband. I looked over my shoulder to see they were fired up and ready to go.

"Let's go." They nodded. We ran out the gates before jumping into the trees.

'Hold on... I'm coming for you guys..'

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