Chapter Twenty One

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After the shopping trip Amaterasu went straight home. Opening the door and shutting it closed behind her.

"Welcome back kid." Amaterasu groaned walked upstairs to her room. Dropping the bag with her dress inside, she put her box that held the earrings inside the bag before going back downstairs. Amaterasu saw Itachi on the couch reading and made her way over to him, he didn't bother to look away from the book. Grabbing a pillow she laid it on his lap before laying down closing her eyes.

"Why do girls like shopping so much? It's to much work."

"Did you find something?"

"Yeah, took forever just to find the "right one"! Ino, Kushina and aunt Mikoto were on my ass about trying the dresses on, I gave in just so I can get back here to sleep." She said snuggling closer to him.

"Sleep now, you going to need your strength later on tonight."

"What fun." She said sarcastically. It didn't take long before her breathing evened out indecating she was fast asleep. Itachi looked away from his book to look at Kisame who had a frown.

"What is it, Kisame?"

"She's going blind, Itachi." Itachi's Sharingan activated on it's own as he started at his old partner.

"Think about it Itachi. How many hours has she been sleeping for compared to her normal sleep schedule? She always has her Sharingan activated but when you, Sasuke, Shisui or even anyone she knows, she deactivates them. Your cousin is hiding the fact that she's sick like you were back when you were in the Akatsuki." He watched as Itachi's hand went around his cousin in a protective mannar.

"She'll be fine."

"You know that's a lie, kid. Do you really want to see your little cousin go through what you went through? You care about her like how you care about Sasuke. Remember your brother didn't have to go through that process like you did." Itachi looked down at his sleeping cousins face.

"When did she start having her Sharingan active all the time?"

"Two, three weeks ago. She hides it pretty well, she's just like you in a way. Doesn't want anyone to know and keep it to herself." Itachi sighed.

"She learned from the best." Itachi said.

"You have to tell her you know, Itachi. I know she didn't want to tell anyone to get them worried especially since she has Kohaku."

"I'll let her know tomorrow. She already been through enough these past years."

"That's fine, but you have to tell the Hokages about it. If they continue giving missions to her, she might lose her sight on the battlefield."



"Ama, time to get up!"

"Go away.." Amaterasu grumbled covering her face with the pillow.


"Heh." All to soon chakra stated flaring making Amaterasu sit up on the couch.

"I'm up! Damn it! Stop flaring your chakra!" Growled out the birthday girl how rubbed her eyes of sleep. She glared at Kisame who looked amused by the whole thing.

"Now I know how to get you up to make breakfast."

"Fuck you."

"Anytime kid."

"Kisame." Itachi glared at him as his commas started spinning.

"I get it, I get it, she's off limits."

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