Chapter Thirty Nine

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"She made you starve again. I can't believe her. It's two weeks since the start of June and here she is making you starve." Amaterasu frowned as she and Akimo brought some good to the gaurds and maids as they ate.

"She found out about us eating food." Aihio, the short curly haired maid said as she placed her her bowl of ramen on the table.

"We were told not to accept anymore food." Maiko, Aihio's twin sister said.

"Why does she make you starve? This isn't right." Akimo said looking at the men and the two women.

"She just does."

"Where is she?"

"Why?" Kaguro, the red haired man asked looking at Amaterasu.

"I'm going to have a talk with her."

"You can't do that, not without one of us there." Koga, the shaggy orange haired man said narrowing his eyes at the raven haired woman.

"I'm not going to do anything to the brat, but if she says something to piss me off, you better get her away from me. I have a limit to my anger."

"Ama-san, don't be so hard on the woman." Akimo scolded her friend who sighed.

"Okay, okay, but I want to know how the food is? Akimo and I made you all a home cooked meal this time."

"It's been awhile since I had a home cooked meal, right, Fumio."

"Right, Yoshi!" The blue haired twins said with a grim on their faces.

"Glad you like it." Akimo smiled.

"Yeah, it's good to cook for other people instead of cooking for my cousins and Tobirama. Then again, Hashirama can't cook to save his life." Amaterasu mumble the last sentence but everyone heard her making them laugh.


Amaterasu left leaving Akimo with their new friends as she went to look for the princess. Who wasn't that hard to find considering she was at the tower. As she was walking Amaterasu noticed how there were a few shinobi and Kunoichi giving her a look as she walked passed them.

She was confused. It couldn't be the clothes she was wearing. She was dressed in a black muscle shirt showing off her tribal tattoo on her right shoulder and her ANBU tattoo on the left. She had on black stretch capris pants with her black heels. It can't be her hair which she had cut to mid-back since it was getting a bit too long for her liking.

She stood up in front of the office door her hand on the knob when she heard shuffling and voices coming from the other side of the door. She opened the door wide open to see the princess and Tobirama on the couch kissing. She took two steps back to away from the door.

Tobirama had grabbed Kiyoko pushing her back off of him with a glare but his eyes moved over to the door that was now open to see Amaterasu stepping back into the hallway. Amaterasu bangs created a shadow over her eyes, her right hand clenching in a fist over her heart.

"Amaterasu." He quickly stood up walking to her but she stepped away as he walked towards her, shaking her head. She raised her head showing Tobirama the tears that ran down her cheeks, her Sharingan blazing blood red, warning him to stay away. She turned around and ran down the hallway but not before dropping a ring on the ground.



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