Chapter Fifteen

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We had finally gotten close to the village the next morning. We stopped in the middle of the woods.

"Sakura, Shizune you are going inside the forest to my cottage, lord Tobirama will be going with you along with my clone." I made the handsign and a clone. We looked at each other with a nod.

"We'll be back after we check the village up the hill. Stay alert." They nodded before walking into the bushes following my clone.

"What about us?" I looked at Shisui.

"I thought it was obvious... You both stay with me in case I do something stupid."

"What a drag." I couldn't help but smile a bit at that. We walked up the hill the closer we got we could see buildings. The three of us stood at the entrance of the village as we took in the site in front of us.

"W-what the hell happened?"

"Dear Kami..." I whispered. The whole place was burnt to the ground. As we walked into the village we decided to separate to look for any signs of the villagers or anyone still alive. After awhile I was unable to find anyone around. Not even a body.

"Shisui! Shikamaru! Did you find anyone yet?" I yelled as I turned the corner where I sensed their chakra.

"Can't you guys t-t-tell me..." I stopped looking what's in front of me. Shisui and Shikamaru turned facing me.

"Amaterasu..." Dead bodies laid in a pile on top of each other, some didn't have heads, were placed on the wooden steak for all to see. I fell to the ground shaking my head, Shisui ran over to me and pulled me into his arm, holding me tightly.

"N-no.. No! Let me go! Shisui! Let me go!" I was struggling in his hold. I kept hitting, punching, anything to get out of his hold but nothing worked.

"Sh-Shisui..." I hugged him back, my hands fisting his shirt as my head rested against his chest.

"Ama, look at me.."


"Look at me." I looked up at him.

"Your going back to the cottage to rest. I'll come back and I will be burying them. Alright?"

"No! I have to do it, Shisui!" He shook his head before everything started fading into darkness.

"... I'm sorry, Ama..." That was the last thing I heard.


"When will she wake up?"

'What the hell...?'

"Just how hard did you knock her out, Shisui? She's been out for almost almost two days!"

'Ive been out for that long? Well damn.'

"H-hey! She needs to rest, she saw what happen to the villagers. She'll blame herself for not being here to help."

'Damn, all this talking is giving me a headache.' I groaned turning over on my side, bringing the covers over my head as I curled up against someone who tensed up.

"H-hey! What are you-"

"Shut up, Nara and let me sleep..." I mumbled. I heard him let out sigh.

"What a drag."

"Ama! Get up!"

"Shut up, I got a headache." I mumbled.

"Just how hard did you hit her?"

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