Chapter 18: In which I fight

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Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. 


How can one describe that feeling? 

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How can one describe that feeling? 

You think you know it. You think you have a grasp on it after reading from novels, watching movies and looking from couples. 

But you don't.

That flutter in your heart.

It was nothing.

That whisper of a dream that came down to you in the moment of time when you were fixed upon the emotions at hand....they were just a drop of what was to come. 

Who would have known the real depth of it?

Who would have thought the real turmoil that laid in such a beautiful thing?

As Lizzy and Fayette sat on the porch with the sun dipping down to hide behind the trees, the girls smiled at the pictures in their laps. The faces of males that flashed by. And Lizzy described it to Fayette. You don't know what to do. Part of you feels so comfortable. And yet the other part feels so lost. A half of you is whole and yet the other half is broken. You feel complete yet at the same time know now that at any moment you could shatter. 

It was love.

Fayette watched with glistening eyes the stories she told. Of her own experience. 

Would she ever feel such a thing herself? 

How would she know? 

When would she know?

And the memories of all those moments, flashed before Fayette as she walked down the hall of the castle.

She still didn't know.

And yet at the same time, Lizzy's words made sense to her. The meaning clicked into her head.

She thought back in awe at the events that lead up to this moment. How each step seemed to be a direction to this place. To this happening.

Fayette reached the front hall and stood waiting.

She didn't stand long.

He had raced through the night and made it to her by early morning.

With two men on either side opening the door, Alpha Bruno stepped in to find Fayette standing before him.

No words were spoken as the girl rushed to him and they both embraced. She didn't even realize how much she needed him until that moment. Whispering silent words of comfort, Alpha Bruno held Fayette close to him.

He thought of her as his own daughter. Some days he had to remind himself even, that she was not his own flesh in blood. But that didn't matter to him. She was the only thing he cared about. 

Pulling her away, he took her elbow and the two silently walked back to where Fayette's room laid. 

Not a word was spoken.

Not until they were in the safety of the room.

Taking a deep breath, Alpha Bruno sat Fayette down.

"I made an appointment with the King." 

Fayette's face turned white. It was all coming too fast to her now. The thought of seeing the Prince made her giddy yet at the same time nauseous. 

"Fayette," Alpha Bruno said sighing. "The appointment is in an hour."

"What?!" Fayette gasped. She sprang from the bed and quickly rushed to the mirror to fix her hair. "Alpha Bruno, I don't think I....I mean......" the words died on her lips when she faced her reflection.

"What do I do?" She asked.

"Do you want to be with the Prince?" Alpha Bruno asked.

"It's not that simpl-"

"I disagree." Alpha Bruno injected. "It is simple Fayette. You have a chance for love. You either take it or you don't. No one is going to hand it to you. You grab it yourself. You want it? Get it." 

Fayette turned to Alpha Bruno and smiled. He always had a straightforward personality. 

"Be the sun?" She asked.

Alpha Bruno walked up and kissed her forehead. 

"That's my girl." 

The hour slowly dwindled down. Until the time had come.

Alpha Bruno took Fayette's elbow again. 

"Let's go Sunshine," he whispered. 

Fayette smiled and leaned in closer to him.

In that moment, Alpha Bruno felt like the father giving away his girl. His heart clenched and for a second he wanted to pull away and say no. But he couldn't. Looking at her face, he knew he couldn't.

They walked again in their silence down the hall, until they reached a marvelous grand set of doors carved with wolfs howling to a full moon. Two royal guards stood on either side. 

"State your reason for your presence with the King," one man said, stepping forward. 

Alpha Bruno raised his head and let his eyes flash a little color of gold. "Alpha Bruno. The King is expecting."

The guard looked down at the paper and then nodded up at them. 

They proceeded to open the doors. 

Alpha Bruno and Fayette stepped in. There was a small gathering of people already- nobles or high ranked Alphas. Famous werewolves and elite warriors. 

There in the middle of it all, raised above everyone was the King. 

To his left the Queen.

And to his right the Prince.

The room turned silent as they watched the two newcomers walk in.

Alpha Bruno stopped directly in front of the King and both he and Fayette bowed their respect. 

Alpha Bruno opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by the Prince, who had stood up in the middle. 

"Fayette," he whispered, walking down the steps to her.

The air seemed to suck itself out of the room.

All eyes were on the pale blond girl and the dark haired prince.

He stopped directly in front of her.

His hand slowly came up and traced her cheek.

"Fayette, it's really you," the prince whispered.

The moment, however, was broken by the explosion of anger that burst forth from the King. The meeting was started. And the outlook was bleak. 

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