Chapter 24: In which messages are hidden

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How to kill a King: 
it's simple
find a Queen

Make her strong 
Make her smart
Make her fierce
Make her beautiful
Make her kind 

add lust and simmer 
scrape away all the love
serve warm and 
wrapped in silk 

watch him choke 


Fayette traced her hand across the wooden designs that were carved into the table

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Fayette traced her hand across the wooden designs that were carved into the table. Her fingers ran over the different curves and textures of the wood, traced the hidden crevices and lines, and found and created the shape and meaning of the fixture without her eyes. The intricately chiseled wolves ran around the legs, chasing an unknown object as different crescent moons popped in and out of the sides.

And as her hand traced, even more, Fayette found that the carvings went further beneath the table, to a place where the eye could not visibly see them if they were to just glance at the magnificent desk.

The Queen had put no time frame as to when she would be back, so Fayette could only assume she still had another several more minutes to wait. Trying to make as little noise as possible, she got down on her knees and crawled under, squinting her eyes to try and make out what was carved in a place that was not easily accessible.

If someone were writing her life story, this, of course, would be that opportune cliche moment for the Queen to walk in and find her. However the Queen did not walk in, and Fayette was able to look and see nothing but two wolves staring at each other. One appeared to be crying, while the other looked up at a full moon with closed eyes.

By the time the Queen came back through the doors she had left, Fayette was safely secured in her chair, sitting as if she had never left it in the first place.

A man trailed in behind the Queen. His presence took up enormous space in the room, and yet at the same time, he seemed to be able to hide and blend in behind the Queen as she took a chair opposite from Fayette.

"Thank you for waiting Fayette," the Queen said as she settled in her chair and moved it forward.

Fayette smiled and nodded, but chose to remain silent.

"This is Elden," the Queen raised her hand to point out the man behind her. "Fayette as you know and as I'm sure Prince August has told you in one of your dinners together- you are in a very vulnerable position right now."

Fayette clasped her hands in her lap to keep from snapping them. She let the Queen continue uninterrupted.

"Lifemates are rare to find but when you find them they are a great asset to each other. In this special case, however, there is not much you can....really do for Prince August." The Queen laughed and rolled her eyes. "He is a Prince, after all, he has everything already."

A squeezing sensation gripped Fayette's heart. She had never heard the Queen talk like this in such a blunt, brutal manner, but all her words were truth to Fayette's chaotic mind.

"There is only one thing we need you to do." The Queen leaned forward, as the air in the room suddenly grew serious. "By we, I do not mean me. I do not mean Prince August. I do not even mean you. I mean the Kingdom. There is one. And only one thing you need to do now. Only one duty you have."

The Queen inhaled after her rushed words left her out of breath, and audibly swallowed.

"Stay alive."

Fayette's whole body froze. Her back stiffened and she stared at the Queen with eyes that were starting to realize the depth of her words.

"If you do not complete this task. Then you will have failed your Kingdom and Prince August when it is his time to reign."

Flashbacks were forming in Fayette's mind of her own nightmarish dream. Of what happens when a life mate passes. How the other seemed to lose their...sanity.

"They will come for you Fayette," the Queen whispered. Fayette's head jerked up to look at the Queen. She was staring hard at Fayette. Willing her to grasp the hidden meaning of her words. "You are the strength. But you are also the weakness. They know this. They will come for you."

"What do I do?" Fayette whispered. She knew something was wrong with the Queen. She couldn't understand it. But she knew something was off. She knew by the Queen's actions and by the way she was staring intently at Fayette, that she wanted her to realize something.

"Fight. Learn to fight. You have Elden. He is one of your bodyguards. You can trust him." The Queen nodded slowly at her last sentence. Fayette's mind was whirling. Something was wrong. She just couldn't understand what.

"Learn to shift. Learn to protect yourself. Use your mind. Use it. And make sure the same mistakes of past generations are not repeated." The Queen then abruptly stood up.

"It's time for your first training lesson with Prince Alto and Gavin," she said brightly- her attitude taking a complete turn. The Queen walked out the door leaving a stunned Fayette still sitting in her chair.

Elden moved slowly out of his corner towards her. When he reached the petrified girl, he extended his hand in an offering gesture. Taking it, Fayette was slowly helped up, and escorted out of the room, following the Queen, and thinking furiously over the words that were spoken. 

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