Chapter 31: In which I Run

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The sea is nothing but a library

of all the tears in history.

-Lemony Snicket

I think everyone has a different coping mechanism whenever they arrive at a new place

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I think everyone has a different coping mechanism whenever they arrive at a new place.

Some familiarize themselves with the layout, trying their best to store and know everything about where they are.

Others think it's about the people. That if you make new friends or have people you can talk to and trust, that the newness of the place doesn't seem as bad.

For me it was routine.

I needed a routine.

I needed to know when I was getting up in the morning, what I was going to wear, where I was going to eat breakfast and what I was going to eat. I needed to know the places I would be going to and the people I would most likely be seeing. I needed routine. Order. Structure.

And that's exactly what the Academy provided.

They had a time for everything.

They had good food. It was standard and most of the time the same, but it was good.

They had uniforms, allowing for me to not have the worry of what to choose from to wear and instead blend in with the other students that were attending.

And they had classes. Classes that were routine and scheduled and each had a time slot.

I quickly adjusted to my new life and found that what I dreaded, was actually not that bad.

I even along the way found some allies.


That is what they called them at the Academy. Because here you did not make friends. Here you kept in mind that any sort of bond you formed with the others would one day either hurt or help you in your political rule.

"That was a boring lesson," Yasmine said.

I looked up from my textbook to glance at her. She and her twin, Jasmine were inseparable and had quickly adopted me into their small group.

"I thought so also," Jasmine said.

I had been scared of the twins at first when they approached me. Flashbacks to Estella and Anna-lee's treatment of me had me wary of them and why they wanted to be close.

But they had only been curious. They wanted to know more about me. And as we started talking and figuring each other out, I realized that I enjoyed their company.

"Stop reading for a second Fayette and join our conversation," Yasmine said.

I closed my textbook about chemical compounds and glared at her. "I'm trying to learn." 

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