Chapter 19: In which I Reveal

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I have met my chosen one, 

but the devil knows his arts.

He plays his cards to keep us apart. 

- Conny Cernik 

Fayette jumped at the sudden explosion of noise that contrasted with the sweet whisper of the Prince

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Fayette jumped at the sudden explosion of noise that contrasted with the sweet whisper of the Prince.

The King pushed away from his chair and stood up. His face slowly spread to a red of anger and fury.

"Get away from my son!" He yelled. 

Alpha Bruno placed his body protectively in front of Fayette, as Prince August turned around and did the same. 

"Get back!" The King yelled, waving his hands. "Let me see her, everyone get back!" The commanding tone rose in his voice, affecting the watching crowd and making several people take a few hurried steps back or run out of the room altogether.

Alpha Bruno and Prince August, however, did not move.

Fayette watched the scene with wide eyes and knew that this was not the intended outcome. 

Clearing her throat and gathering her courage, Fayette said, "step back please." 

Alpha Bruno and Prince August turned their heads. Alpha Bruno gave Fayette a questioning look. Prince August stared with blank eyes.

Fayette straightened  her back and tried her best to sound confident. 

"The King wishes to see and speak to me."

Prince August was the first to step back. He nodded and stood to the side. People quickly cleared away, leaving an empty circle around him.

Alpha Bruno looked down at Fayette again. 

She nodded and smiled. It was the best she could do in the moment.

Sighing he squeezed her shoulder and went to stand next to Prince August. 

Squaring her back, Fayette turned back to the King. He had sat back down and his face had leveled out somewhat to its normal color. However, his eyes still glared out a fiery golden color, letting Fayette know that his anger was boiling inside as his wolf raged and howled within. 

"What is your name?" The King asked.

Fayette bowed again to the king and said, "Fayette my king." 

"Fayette..." the king whispered. "And Fayette, what is your intention with my son?"

Fayette looked up at the king, startled by his bluntness.

"I am Prince Alto's life mate." 

A gasp rippled through the crowd. The girl before them suddenly held a new meaning. Several people realized right away how important this meeting was. This meeting was deciding the future. This meeting was the determining factor of fate. This girl before them could be their Queen. She could be their strength....or she could be their destruction. 

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