Chapter 23: In which Embers Fall

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"How many lives do you think have been saved by X-Bane?"

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"How many lives do you think have been saved by X-Bane?"

The King stared into the low embers of the fire as Gavin and the Queen sat, thinking their own thoughts and trapped in their own world.

The sudden question from the King however shook both of them from their contemplation.

"Sir?" Gavin said, sitting up more in his chair and addressing his King. His Alpha.

"I'll say this only one time more Gavin. How many lives do you think have been saved by X-Bane?"

Gavin and the Queen exchanged glances. The eye of the storm had passed. The tornado was touching ground.

"There is not a definite answer sir, but you yourself know that it saved a whole region of the kingdom- that alone is above ten thousand lives."

The King kept his back to his council as he watched the dying embers burn out.

"She made it."

The silence penetrated the air, leaving in its wake a sudden thick tension that left a weight on their chest.

"My King-"Gavin started, however the King interrupted him before he could finish.

He turned around and started waving his hand in the air. Describing an idea that had been forming since the information had been presented to his ears.

"She made X-Bane. Her. A small, fragile, girl." A deep sigh issued from the King as he closed his eyes and started to rub his temples, "do you know how long I have tried to keep this kingdom together? Know how long I have faced the tension in the Packs with useless women who cannot follow the simple task of either staying alive or being in the right bed."

He opened his eyes to stare at the Queen and Gavin as they wordlessly looked up at him. The King's voice barely came out as a whisper as he slowly drew nearer to them with each word spoken. "I have bleed, sweat, cried, cursed and done god knows what to elevate myself above the throne and this-" the King starts laughing, - "this is what I find out. That all my effort will be taken away by a boy who has too much power and can barely string together a sentence. Was he a threat? No. Him I can handle. But this. Her. She- she" the laughter continued to issue from the King as the Queen and Gavin watched in silence. "She is the one who will ruin me. She is the one who gives him a voice. She, shall we say, completes him. When he can't talk- she can. When he can't please the people- she can. And who do you think is there to back her up if anyone chooses to disagree with her, sweet, innocent, pretty face?"

The King bent down eye level with Gavin and the Queen. The silence stayed suspended as no one answered the question.

"HIM!" the king shouted in their faces.

"This could be good for the Kingdom..." The Queen began, but the rising laughter in the King rose and interrupted her speech.

"They are not good for the Kingdom. I. I am what's good for the Kingdom. They may not like me. So what. So what if they don't like me. They have no idea what I do for them. Behind closed doors, under their blind minuscule lives- that's when it really happens. I deal with the demons that come out at night. I take care of their worst nightmares so they can go on living their little fantasy of 'house.' They have no idea. The packs. The whole lot is ungrateful for what I do. For the sacrifices, I have made."

By the end the King's breathing was uneven. He stumbled a few steps before sitting down.

The Queen and Gavin leaned forward towards him. The Queen reached across the space and rested her hand on the King's shoulder. He very quickly shoved it off.

"No...They don't understand. They don't know what you do. Not even August knows how much you do. What darkness you enter to keep this kingdom safe. But he will have to learn it soon. Eventually, the time will come for him to take his place."

"God forbid the day when that happens," the King sighed under his breath.

Gavin got up and took the spot of pacing for the King.

"We can make time. We can get more space for the two. Send Fayette to the academy, let her stay there for a while, and in the meantime, let Prince August learn from you about the Kingdom. Let him learn about the darkness that seeps inside. Ease him into the corruption. Into the world that he will soon have to live in." He winced at the thought of separating two lifemates. 

The King stared at the ceiling with thoughtful eyes. "He was not born to rule."

The silence stayed in the room. The Queen shuffled in her chair as Gavin stared at the last glowing light from the wood in the fire. No one disagreed.

"Now he has her," Gavin said, turning around to face the group. "His strength, yet his greatest weakness."

"He would set fire to the world around him and never let a single flame touch her," the Queen softly said.

The King got up and stood next to Gavin as they both turned to stare at the fire pit.

"It's funny isn't it..."The King said, giving a small chuckle, "no one expects the angel to be the one to set the world on fire though."

Gavin stared at the now dead fire pit as he slowly shook his head, "What do you plan to do," he asked as he turned to his King. His Alpha. 

The harsh smile that held it's placed on his face sent shivers down both him and the Queen's back as they wearily watched. 

"I might have a plan."

SSSOOOooo this chapter is very confusing (a lot of people have let me know)

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SSSOOOooo this chapter is very confusing (a lot of people have let me know). I would like to explain that more will be revealed later. 

(If it's different from the first time you read it, that's because I edited it. Sorry! Hopefully this version is better!) 

(Stop getting angry at me because it's confusing *sob* I know! *more sobbing*) 


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