Chapter 29: In which it's the King

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They have promised dreams come true,

But forgot to mention that,

Nightmares are dreams too

~Oscar Wilde

There wasn't much to pack

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There wasn't much to pack.

Alpha Bruno had sent my stuff to the Castle after I first settled in, but all it really consisted of was some clothes, books and a photo album that I kept of my old life. When mother and father were alive and smiling.

I considered it my treasure.

It all fit within one suitcase.

There were other cases though, clothes that I thought I didn't need, but Alto insisted I had to bring. Dresses of different colors and training gear that I was just starting to learn how to use.

Various types of beauty products and other items that Lizzy and Jane ran around grabbing that the Academy list stated I needed in order to learn how to become a "proper royal."

With the short amount of time Alto had given us, I was amazed at Lizzy and Jane's efforts in managing to get everything.

"I might have stolen one or two things," Lizzy said.

Jane put her hands over her ears, "Please don't tell me that."

I laughed and watched their interaction with sadness.

I would really have to leave them this time.

Though a small part of me knew that we would eventually see each other again- I felt a crushing sensation in my chest that made it difficult to breath. I didn't want to go alone. I scolded myself all night over being a coward.

But then, who wouldn't be scared to go to a foreign place without those you loved.

I slept with Lizzy and Jane that night. They curled around me in my to-large-bed, holding me close to them as they whispered words of comfort to me.

That it would pass quickly.

That I was brave.

That they would miss me.

All three of us had cried.

I felt anger at Alto for making me leave these girls who loved and cared for me. For leaving him.

But morning came and the time to leave was upon us.

Before we could walk out of my room though, there was a knock.

"Come in," Lizzy said, edging closer to me protectively while Jane crept to a drawer, pulling and tucking into her skirts a small knife.

A man opened the door and stepped in, "The King requests your presence before your departure Lady Fayette."

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