Chapter 45: In Which the Darkness Shows

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And I need you. 

Not in the ways to survive, 

but in the ways 

that makes life 

worth living. 


I resurface from my haze

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I resurface from my haze.

The events all came back to me.



I turned to the side to confirm what I had seen and heard.


Alto sat there, watching me.

"Its....its over?"

He sighs, a deep sigh of relief, and nods.


"You saved me."

He leans forward and grabs my hand, pressing them to the skin of his face.

"I didn't."

He cries at his words.

I cling to his hands as he bows his head.

"I didn't get to you in time."

I start to shake as I take in his meaning.

"You did. You saved me."

"A month."
He growls out the word, "A month. Of tracking. Searching, hunting. It shouldn't have taken that long. It shouldn't have-," his sobs cut off his words as reaches and painfully clings to his chest.

"When I showed up at the academy. And you weren't there. You and Jasmine. Both of you gone. Taken. I-,"

"Me and Jasmine?"

I pause and look up at Alto, "What happened to Yasmine?"

He sighs, "They didn't take her."
He gives a humorless laugh at his words, "Their first mistake. Jasmine's partner, Derek, when he found out."

A dark look crosses Alto's eyes.

"Derek doesn't care about Jasmine."

Alto laughs at that, "We both tore the world apart, looking for you two."

I shudder at his words.

"And you found us."

"Jasmine was in a cell. For the most part she was left alone. She said she was only taken out once," Alto's eyes flash to me, "to use to threaten you."

He pauses suddenly, "I'm sorry Fayette. We don't have to talk about this now. Another time. When the wound isn't fresh-,"


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