Chapter 32: In which darkness consumes

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For you,

I would

A breakthrough

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A breakthrough.

It had been a miracle. An accident.

My shaking hand had slipped and poured almost all the contents within the liquid. And to my amazement the dark purple turned into clear liquid.

I quickly took note of how much had been accidentally dropped in, before repeating the process. It took almost all night before I had the same solution correctly under the flames. And then the miracle happened again. The liquid turned clear.

I felt tears in my eyes as I looked at the two vials that held the clear liquids within them.

There was only one way to test it now.

I had no real test subjects. I refused to use it on innocent creatures, and I did not have my father like I did last time.

As much as I hated to admit it, he had been my guinea pig of sorts. I used batch after batch of the first products of x-bane on him.

The first time I used it, he clung to his head for the rest of the day.

Two weeks later I gained two minutes of my father back.

A month later I added three more minutes.

And then two months after resulted in the final product of what x-bane was today.

I shivered at what this might do to me.

For I was crazy enough to use myself.

Should I write a note?

I had found that I couldn't even write my secret on paper. I had sat countless nights, sweating and swearing over my letters to Alto, trying to put into words what his father was making me do, but I could not.

The commands of my true Alpha- the King- were to strong.

I wrote upon a piece of scratch paper-

To whomever reads-

Ask the King.


I nodded in satisfaction.

I really was losing my mind.

I looked at the clear liquid and without another second thought tipped it over, pouring the contents into my mouth.

I choked on it as it burned down my throat. It was vile. Disgusting.

A few minutes later I started shivering violently.

I felt myself heave, but I forced my hand over my mouth.

You will not throw up, I commanded myself.

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