Chapter 50: In Which It's the Sun

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After all, 

Soul mates always

end up together. 

~Rosie Dunne

~6 years after~

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~6 years after~

The palace sat in silence, the sun just starting to loom over the horizon.

However there were some creatures that were already awake.

Already moving.

The sounds of running feet could be heard, desperate in their attempt to get away as another, heavier set followed in pursuit.

"Get back here!"

The squeal laughter of the little boy rang within the hallways, lighting up the sleeping castle as they took in the sound.

Finally the man bent down, catching the runaway as the boy screamed in delight when the hands lifted him in the air.

"Got you!"

The laughter was met with a stern voice as another man turned the corner, "Really, so much noise so early in the day."

The boy struggled in his attempt to get down as the man placed him back upon solid ground.


The older man groaned, "I dislike this nickname. It makes me sound old."
The man laughed as, despite his complaints, the other man sighed and lifted the small boy.

"Come on Eli, let's go to breakfast, maybe this time you can try calling Rienna, Grandma."
The little boy cheered in delight while the other man shook his head, "I have to go wake her up."

The older male sighed, "Honestly, should be up already, what are we paying Lizzy and Jane to do?" His grumbling continued as he mumbled to the little boy, the child's laughter echoing down the hall as they walked away.

The man grinned before turning around and walking down and to his destination.

Opening the door softly he grinned as he unceremoniously lept onto the bed.

The sleeping figure gasped, sitting up and clinging to her chest as she took in the gleaming dark eyes.

"Alto!" She laughed and lightly hit his shaking frame as he chuckled in delight- pleased that he had caused such a reaction from her.

"Morning my sunshine."

She grinned at him, her blond hair falling down her frame.

"Good morning."

A predatory gleam reached his eyes as he took in her disheveled figure.

"Alto what are you- no!" She laughed as he crawled on top her, bending his head down to have better access to her neck.

She gasped, arching her back as he smiled against her.

He bent down, his lips capturing hers as she moaned softly underneath.

Her hands reached lower, eagerly trying to undo his pants.

Alto laughed at her actions.

"I've ruined you," he said, pulling back to take in her flushed face and eager eyes,"do you remember when just the simplest touch made you blush," he growled, his eyes not leaving hers as she laughed at the memories.

"I think this is acceptable behavior between husband and wife," the woman said, smiling up at Alto.

He growled again at the words.

Slowly he pulled back the edge of her shirt to reveal the fresh mark upon her shoulder. Claimed again during the night.

He smiled as he remembered.

"Who knew a human could take a mate mark."

She smiled at his words.

It was something he always said, always marveled at, when he took in her skin.

"I'm lucky I can."

"Really?" He quickly, in one fluid motion pulled off his shirt, letting her take in the glory of his skin.

"Yes," she licked her lips, the action causing him to pull her bottom lip down with his thumb.

It was still there.

Mate bond or not, the heat, the love, the desire.

It still coursed and ran through them.

It made Alto smile at the thought.

It had not been the bond after all, that made him love her.

It was her.

All her.

She was the one that made his demons go to rest.

She was the one that pushed past his dark clouds.

The sunshine he needed upon his grey days.

As he was her own sun. When the memories of the past became too much for her- he was the one who could soothe away her pain.

"Why?" he asked, bending down so he could lick and suck at the very mark in question.

She gasp and arched her back, her hands going to his hair as she whispered, "because it shows that I am yours."

He smiled, "you don't need a mark to prove that."

"No," she laughed, "but I like the physical reminder."

He growled then, the sound sending shivers down her as he roughly grabbed her hips and looked into her blue eyes.

"How about another physical reminder?"

Fayette laughed at the question.

"Some poet you are," she said.

"Fayette, my sun," he wrapped himself securely around his mate, knowing he would never let go of the creature that had escaped death, just to come back to him, "Consume me with your love, until I am nothing more, but a heap of ashes, devoted to you."

She smiled from his words.

"Always, Alto." 

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~The End. ~  

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