Chapter 1: The Maximoffs

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In this story, I decided to make the Maximoff twins are 16 going on 17. It seems the most accurate according to many and it follows the plotline that I would like to continue. Hopefully, you still enjoy it! :)  

After hours of flying on the jet, we finally land in Sokovia. From there multiple of Hydra's soldiers escort me to my new commander, Strucker. On the way to his office, we pass two prison cells that exactly match my old one. I see a boy speedily running around his small cell, unable to stop himself from crashing into the walls. Beside him is a girl, around his age, floating cubes in mid-air and her hands glow red. Before I can investigate any further, I'm guided through a narrow hallway and into Strucker's office. Once I am seated in front of him, all of the soldiers scurry out of the room, leaving us alone. 

"Your previous commander gave you your mission, correct?" he asks, his voice as rough as always. He is staring at something on his desk instead of paying attention to me.

"No, he just sent me here for fun." I sarcastically remark, purposefully trying to piss him off.

"Don't play games with me, agent," Strucker growls, his attention now on me.

"You know," I stand from my seat and lean on the front of his desk. "I'm qualified to be your superior. But instead of hiding behind a desk, I choose to get the job done. If I'm going to stay here and train your little experiments, you are going to give me the same degree of respect that I had back home or I leave. Are we clear?" I say. Strucker stands from his desk, clearly irritated. He takes a defensive stance and takes a deep breath in to try to intimidate me. Obviously, he's the one who is intimidated in this situation.

"I don't like your tone, soldier. I suggest you sit back in your seat and shut the f-" Strucker orders but I cut him off in a... different way. I fade through the desk and his body and quickly pull out the knife from my boot with my abilities, retrieving it in my hand. I wrap my arm around his neck, the knife pressed against his throat. This silences him before he can utter another word.

"Now this can go one of two ways. I can slit your throat and I will get away scot-free. Or, you can shut your mouth and give me the respect I deserve." I whisper into his ear. The man begins to shake a little but stands firm.

"I don't respect someone out of fear." Strucker spits back, his voice wavering the tiniest bit. I strengthen my grip on him as I begin to crush his esophagus with the side of my forearm.

"I've been loyal to Hydra all of my life and I am not exaggerating. I'm their strongest agent. I think that deserves a little respect. " I spit at him, pressing the knife a little more into his throat. Strucker begins to wheeze so he taps my arm in submission and I let go. He sits back at his desk, his face pale from lack of oxygen and I sit across from him. I silently slip the knife back into my boot and reload it in case I have another "incident". 

"The guards will lead you to your new sleeping quarters. From there you will have time to unpack and then you will meet the Maximoff twins."

"Yes, sir," I reply, sarcasm laced in my tone, before standing up. The guards follow Strucker's orders, leading me to my new home.


After I was settled in my room, the guards lead me to their training room where the Maximoffs were waiting. I was dressed in a sports bra and tight knee-high pants, my hands wrapped in protective bandages. I am pushed into a mouldy smelling gym, no equipment in sight, only two frightened teenagers. 

"They're all yours." A guard says and I nod in acknowledgement. Once they leave, the two siblings just stare at me in confusion. The awkward silence fills the room until the girl in the corner of the room speaks.

"How do they expect someone so young to train us?" she says, her Sokovian accent thick. The boy zooms over and stares condescendingly while circling me like a shark. I glare back at him, my stance unyielding.

"I bet you she doesn't even have powers." he snarkily remarks to his sister. I shake my head and cross my arms, effortlessly becoming intangible.

"Then punch me." I spit back.

"What?" the boy says, confusion thick in his accent.

"If your confident, then punch me," I reply. The boy still looks confused but listens to my order, pulling his fist back. He swings and his fist phases right through me. I take the opportunity to fade right through him and take my stance from behind. Once I become solid again, I push him against the wall using my abilities. After a quick chuckle, I let him go momentarily. He then turns to try and fight me again. I shake my head and turn off the gravity in the room for him, leaving the girl and I glued to the floor. Once I drop the boy, he looks at me in awe and fear.

"So, you think I still don't have powers?" I ask after crouching to his level. He shakes his head rapidly and I offer him my hand. He looks at me like I'm the craziest person on earth before gratefully taking it. I lift him back up with me and our eyes meet.

"What's your name?" he asks. I look at him as if he's crazy. You don't ask a superior their name unless you want a hand to the face. But they have only been here a few years, they still don't know our rules. 

"Erin, but outside of this area, you will call me Commander. Another word of advice, don't ask any of your superiors for their name. That will only earn you a hand to the face."

"Thanks for the advice." the boy mumbles as he looks downwards while rubbing the base of his head.

"I take it you have already made that mistake," I conclude and he nods.

"My name is Pietro and my sister is Wanda," Pietro says as he points to his sibling. She is still in the corner, staring at her hands as if she doesn't know what to do with them. I walk over to her and hold out my hands for her to take. Wanda looks at them skeptically before taking them and lifting herself up.

"If you are going to survive here, you can't have any space for weakness. I was sent here to train you but I'm not going to do that. I'm going to teach you how to survive."

"But how do we do that if we don't have any control of our powers? It's impossible." Wanda says, the idea of training causing her to panic. Her hands begin to glow and she stares at them in fear.

"That. Right there. You can't be afraid of your powers. You need to become one with them. Focus on that power and then channel it." I say. Wanda's attention slowly turns to me as she shakes. She pushes her hands outwards and timidly lifts me from my standing place. Wanda then freaks out and drops me but I land on my feet, my left hand in front of me.

"How... how is it possible?" Wanda asks, referring to her powers. I stand back up and take her hands once again.

"When you can do the things I can do, nothing is impossible."

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