Chapter 3 - A Disastrous Combination

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Disclaimer - A majority of the dialogue between Ultron and the twins is taken directly from the movie (Age of Ultron). I will alter it in some ways but all of the work goes to Marvel. 

It's been only a few days since the attack on the HYDRA base and I feel like it's passed in a blur.  I'm finally free from HYDRA. After many years of wishing, it was granted and yet... I've never felt more lost. I knew that being the villain in every story wasn't who I was meant to be. But could I ever be a hero? Could I dedicate my life to helping others when the people who surrounded me never gave a damn? I don't know what to do or where to go. I have no origins, I have no home. They were stripped away from me the second I stepped foot in HYDRA's doors. My only option is to stay with the twins and stop them from killing themselves.

The twins and I couldn't bring ourselves to leave the old base. We have no money to stay in a nearby inn, and it's probably too dangerous to be seen in public. The Avengers aren't loved by everybody and if there is even a chance any of us were seen... it would be a disaster. I guess we're just trying to stay safe but it won't work for long. 

A couple of days after the attack a weird message came across the monitors in the computer room. It kept telling us to meet at a church in the center of the city. I ignored it, thinking that the Avengers were just playing mind games. A few hours after that, a strange voice echoed through the walls of the building, like Strucker's once did:

"If you want revenge, come to the small church at the center of the city. I expect to see you there at midnight tomorrow."  

The voice was mechanical and threatening. Wanda and Pietro's interest was peaked at the sound of revenge but it sounded like a trap too me. After many fights over it, the twins convinced me to come with them to meet this person. I was still skeptical but I knew that I had to take risks now. I wouldn't survive any longer if I didn't.

As of right now, the twins and I are walking through a marketplace towards the abandoned church. Once we get close to the ancient building, we see a wire fence blocking the perimeter of the structure, preventing us from entering. Wanda looks around before entering and Pietro follows. This meeting is getting sketchier by the minute so I resist for a moment. Pietro sees my worry and holds out his hand out for me to take. I look at his hand for a moment before slowly slipping my hand into his, and break through the fence. As soon as I am safe on the other side, I drop his hand and walk inside. 

To my surprise, there is a large body sitting on a throne-like chair, in the exact center of the room, a blanket covering them to hide their identity. I choose to stand by the entrance, behind the twins. Wanda does the opposite and walks closer to the figure. 

"Talk," she says. "and if you're wasting our time..." 

"Did you know this church is in the center of the city? The elders decreed it so that everyone could be equally as close to God. I like that. The geometry of belief." the figure remarks, a mechanical tone to his voice. My interest peaks at his knowledge, only a few people knowing the real reason that the church is there. I try to pull away the person's covering but I fail.

"Your wondering why you can't look inside my head. And you are scared of my knowledge. You want to see my identity." The figure states. I look over to Wanda and see her eyes the usual shade of scarlet red. She looks to me and sees the transparent shield dancing around my hand. We glare at each other for using our abilities but I break the anger. 

"Every man has an identity..." I start, looking back towards the figure. 

"And sometimes it's hard to see who he really is. But sooner or later, every man shows himself." Wanda finishes. 

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