Chapter 18: A War Is Brewing

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I sit in an office chair, staring into a void space of nothing as Nat wraps my burned hands in gauze. An odd pain begins to form at the base of my head and I feel it slowly travelling throughout the back of it. I choose to ignore the nuisance, other things troubling my mind at the moment.  Nat waves her hand in front of my face, trying to get my attention.

"You in there?" I hear her ask.

"Hmm? Oh, yeah... yeah." I answer. 

"What's going on in that head of yours?" she asks gently, holding my hand with fragility. 

"Just... a lot has happened today. It's hard to process it all." I say, my stare directed towards the security cams pointed at James.

"I understand that. Are you sure there is nothing else?" Nat pushes. 

"I'm okay, Nat." I then look her dead in the eye. "I promise."

She nods slowly and gives me a gentle hug before going to talk to Dad about something. My attention returns to Barnes, watching as the hired therapist prepares for his session. Something about the way he is acting makes me suspicious. Interrogators like him don't have that much paperwork on their subjects, only a case file.  Looking around to make sure no one is watching me, I pull up the man's identity file. 

Before I had a chance to compare the faces, all the lights and electronics in the room shut down. Jumping away from the computers, I quickly find my way towards Dad and station myself beside him. 

"FRIDAY? Locate the outage." Dad says into the air, messing with his glasses at the same time. Steve and Sam run out of the office but I choose to stay with Dad. Natasha soon joins us as we both begin to leave the office.

"Please tell me you brought our suits." I say to Dad as all three of us rush to the main foyer.

"No I didn't! I'm an active duty non combatant and you are too!" Dad criticizes. Suddenly, Agent Carter appears beside us.

"Follow me." she tells us. So we follow.


I stand behind Dad as he armors his hand with what used to be his watch. Barnes fights multiple soldiers in front of us like it was nothing, and it was like I was transported back five years ago. 

"Erin? You with me?" Dad asks from beside me.

"I'm here. Let's just get this done and over with."  I say confidently. 

Dad nods towards me before advancing to the next pillar, carefully watching Barnes' fighting style. As soon as the fight broke up, he ran towards Barnes and sent a hyper-sonic wave towards him. He then ran at the super soldier and begin to fight him hand to hand, giving me a chance to sneak up on them.

But then the tides changed and Barnes is given the upper hand. He quickly punches Dad in the stomach and pushes him into nearby tables. If I try and fight him now, I'll end up just like Dad, so I retreat. I watch as Agent Carter and Natasha attack him together which gives me time to come up with a plan. Within minutes, Agent Carter is thrown into a table and Natasha is being choked by Barnes. 

Acting on instinct, I run up to Barnes and jump on top of his neck. Distracted, he lets go of Nat and tries to pry me off of his neck but before he can, I fade through him. Quickly becoming solid again, I try to kick his feet out from under him. But Barnes catches my leg and throws me harshly against the wall.

Despite the immense pain torturing my body, I stand up and get ready to fight again. I see T'Challa attacking the soldier and is also quickly thrown away. Both of us look at each other and nod before we both run up two flights of stairs. Of course, he gets their before me, but I'm just in time to help corner James. 

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