Chapter 39 - We Lost

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I stare the Titan dead in the face, scanning for any emotion. And even I have to admit, he was good at it. But not good enough for me. I could tell that he was lying. 

"You're lying. My father is alive and you just want me at my weakest." I say with a glare.

"But in the end, you will still die," he says as he picks me up with one of the stones from the gauntlet and tossing me away.  

I fade through the nearby tree and come to a quick stop. Rushing back over to him, I pull my very last knife out from my boot. I jump onto his back and go to shove my knife in his neck but I wasn't quick enough. He reaches behind himself to try and grab me, only for his hand to fade right through me. 

"You may have strength," I say while blasting his hand away from me with my abilities. "But I'm smarter." 

Quickly becoming solid again, I wrap my legs around his neck tightly. He goes to grab at me again but I hold his hands back as my hands grow a deeper purple. I had him pinned. Had. 

Because of the infinity stones in his gauntlet, he was able to use his left hand to toss me away. This time, I didn't even think to fade through anything. So I slam into a nearby tree trunk. Looking over at Wanda, I see her destroying the stone while simultaneously holding Thanos back. Just in the nick of time, Wanda destroys the stone and collapses to the ground. Vision's lifeless body does the same.

A small smile of pride appears on my face. But it is quickly wiped away when I see his face. The mixture of amusement and confidence shakes me to my very core. A few words are spoken between him and Wanda, a look of death cast upon him from her. Thanos steps away from her and green shields appear around his left hand. The explosions from the death of Vision is quickly reversed and he is back in front of us...alive. But not for long.

Thanos quickly yanks the stone out of his head and throws Vision's once again lifeless body away. He adds the last stone to his gauntlet and with a scream of pain, his neverending power is added to. His plan is close to completion.

But then, the sound of thunder and lightning draws in and from above I see a figure. It drops down quicker than light itself and slams its axe into the chest of the Titan. It was Thor. He delivered what could have been the final blow.

"I told would die for that." Thor reminds, but a small smirk shows up on the mad Titan's face.

"You should've gone for the head," he says with the snap of his fingers.

A bright light cascades over all of us and Thor screams at Thanos, demanding to know what he had done. But Thanos simply teleports away. We all are back on our feet now, looking for a sign to see what had happened. It wasn't until minutes later when we saw what the snap had done. 

"Steve?" I hear Barnes ask. 

But once I turn to look at him, all I see is a pile of ash.  Soon it's happening to everybody. James...T'Challa...Wanda. Half of all humanity just...gone. In an instant. Before I knew it... 

I was next.

Looking down at my hands, I see their colour fade away and slowly turn to ash. My feet and legs start to do the same. I crumble to the ground and cry whatever tears I have left to cry. My last word to utter my lips is Peter. My last breath is of Fade. My last thought is of Dad. And everything goes black...

This time, I don't wake up. 

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