Chapter 38 - Time to Stand

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A/N - This is a pretty long chapter for you all. I wanted to squeeze most of the fighting into one chapter so it wasn't multiple chapters over one scene. Next chapter I don't think any of you will expect. If you wanna guess, go ahead and leave your guesses in the comments!

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I stand with T'challa and his army at the front of the battlefield. My entire face is quickly covered by my mask as a similar purple interface appears in front of me again. I scan the area outside of the dome. It picks up multiple heat signatures, including some who are breaking through the tree line. Sam spots it before I did and T'Challa, Steve, as well as Natasha walk down to meet them on the opposite side of the border. They return quickly, and when they do T'Challa looks at me. And for the first time, I see fear evident in his eyes.

"What is it, T'Challa?" I whisper. 

"If I don't make it..." he begins.

"No. Don't talk like that," I say while holding back tears.

"Just...promise me you will help Shuri. She will have a big task ahead of her and will need someone to rely on," he whispers.

"I..." I feel a block in my throat that causes me to go into silence. T'Challa looks at me and I know what comes next.

"I will," I say, my voice quivering the tiniest bit. T'Challa smiles gratefully and turns to the dome again, his once fearful faced turning into one of determination. One only a leader can pull off. 

"Yibambe!" He yells out, the rest of the troops chanting the same from behind him. They continue before T'Challa turns to me.

"You have shown your loyalty and alliance with Wakanda and it's people. You are one of us now. So join us." he states.

With a small smile gracing my face, I join the battle cry. We might not win...but we will not go down without a fight. The lower half of my ask appears and I hold my hands out in front of me in defence. 

But suddenly, the ships open. And out of them come thousands upon thousands of alien rogues. I don't even know what to call them. They look like a crossbreed of a dog and a spider that has been skinned. It was disgusting...and terrifying. Instead of cowering back in fear, I chant louder along with the troops, the translation of our words echoing through my head. 

Hold fast. 

The alien rogues soon reach the border, some of them so bloodthirsty, they break through the Wakandan dome. Some come out whole and ready to fight. Others die from being cut in half. All the Wakandan soldiers raise their shields in answer to the cries of the rogues. They ready their weapons, waiting for T'Challa's call. He gives the command and they answer. 

All of us attack from a distance. Holding my hands out in front of me, I tear the rogues apart one by one. I use the pieces and parts that are left of the fallen to throw at those that are still running. As more begin to flood in, the majority start to run around the border where we can't follow. 

"This is bad," I mumble under my breath. 

"If these things circle the perimeter and get in, there's nothing between them and Vision," Bruce tells Cap.

"Then we have to keep them in front of us," Steve says. 

"We open the barrier then," T'Challa says to us before giving to order. 

I take a deep breath and focus on the border. This fight was about to get a lot more complicated. Digging deep into the Earth, I harness every drop of energy, every drop of power into my body. As I feel the power grow, I hear a surprised gasp come from Rogers.

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