Chapter 11 - The End of an Age

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A/N - This chapter is going to be super long since I wanted to fit as much of the final scenes from the movie in. I hope you all enjoy it!

P.s. - Any translations will be in this format after the dialogue!

At first, I didn't know how to react. Or if I even did react. I just stood there like a stiff board before pushing the boy away from me in panic. Once we had separated, I took a few steps back while staring at the floor. I couldn't bear to look into the boy's eyes, knowing that all I would see is pain. After a few moments, a sense of bravery and curiosity washed over me and I chose to take a leap of faith.

I tentatively took a step towards Pietro, my hands shaking in anticipation and nervousness. He took a step forward as well but I gently raise my hand in front of me.

"Don't. Just don't move." I whisper shakily.

Pietro softly nods in response as he drops his shoulders. I take another step closer now, our noses almost touching once we both look up. Carefully, I begin to lead towards Pietro and my eyes slowly begin to close. Our lips touch once again and this time, I'm not panicked. I'm not surprised or scared. I'm... happy. My arms slowly crawl around his neck and his hands find their way to my hips. I then slowly back away from him, a large smile etching its way across my face.

"I've never seen you smile like that." Pietro jokes, his hands still wrapped around my waist while mine loosely hang around his neck.

"Well, I've never done something like... that." I chuckle.

"We could try it again if you'd like." Pietro comments.

"I think twice is enough for me today," I reply quietly while awkwardly stepping away from him.

"We should probably head downstairs," Pietro says nervously while pointing towards the door. I nod in agreement and started to head down the stairs.


"Ultron knows we're coming for him, so chances are we are riding into heavy fire. We signed up for this... but the people of Sokovia didn't. So our main mission is to get them away from the fight. All they want is to live their lives in peace, but that's not gonna happen today. We can do our best to protect them and get our job done. We keep the fight between us." Steve explains as we fly in the QuinJet towards Sokovia.

"Ultron thinks that we are monsters and that we are what's wrong with this world. This fight isn't going to come down to who wins. It's going to come down to whether he is right." I add to his speech, knowing that every word I spoke was being repeated silently throughout the whole team.

Everyone was then given their assignments by Steve, the man who was about to lead us into battle. Our lives were in his hands, and I've never trusted someone more. Steve's a captain, a leader, and I will always respect my leader.

When I was told where to go, a sudden sense of fear washed over me. I never felt this way about any of my missions before. But now... with so much at risk, fear is overtaking me. Ultron made me believe that he actually cared for me, that he wanted me to succeed. Now, look where I am. I'm about to fight the A.I. alongside the one man he despises the most.

As my thoughts begin to speed up and race faster than Pietro could ever run, my leg follows suit, the bouncing motion the only exit for the anxiety I'm feeling. Suddenly, I feel someone's fingers gently lay on my hand, causing all motion in my legs to stop. I look down to see Pietro's hand tentatively on mine, silently asking to hold it. Gently, I open my closed fist and turn it around to meet Pietro's palm as our hands join together.

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