Chapter 28

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I sat cross legged on the ground next to the couch painting my nails grey, trying not to get it on my dark blue lace long sleeve dress that reached my knees. I blow on my finger nails to help them dry.

After a couple minutes they finally dry, so I go upstairs to fix my hair. I slept with my hair in two French braids. I looked in the mirror with pieces of hair sticking out. I took out the hair ties and undid the braids running my fingers through now curly hair. I grabbed another hair tie and started pulling my hair into a medium ponytail leaving some strands in front.

I skipped downstairs once I was done. I made some waffles for breakfast. I ate them looking around the large dining room feeling small. I'm all by myself, no family and no friends, except for the ones here.

I think I will sell the house, Stefan should have never bought one this big, I think Damon convinced him that bigger is better. I walked over to the living room and sat down reading a book I grabbed from the library.

An hour later Lydia texts me saying to meet at Derek's loft because something happened with the dead pool. Finally today was getting boring.

I made it to the loft at the same time as Scott. We walked in, he already seems to know what was going on. Derek, Lydia, and some other guy were in the middle of his dark house.

They were finishing their conversation "I was set on fire. All of me should be gone" the guy said shocked.

"Not if you're like us" Scott said as we walked up to them.

I introduced myself and he did the same, his name is Parrish and it clicked in my mind that he was one of the deputies. He asks if we are like Lydia, I let out a small laugh and so did Derek. Scott shakes his head and shows his red eyes. Parrish then looks at me, I inhale through my mouth and show my veins and fangs.

He took some steps back at the both of us showing our different faces. I blinked the veins away.

Lydia pulled me away from the boys. "Scott already knows what happened but here's the summary. Someone tried to kill Parrish, he survived, he went and killed the officer that tried to kill him, Sheriff Stilinski was shot but he's going into surgery soon, and we still don't know what Parrish is only that he survived being being lit on fire." She took a deep breath and glanced back at Parrish who was also getting a summary but about the whole supernatural dead pool. We have to figure out what he is, a werewolf and vampire would've gone up in flames, so we can check those two off the list.

Lydia tells us about her grandmother. "How'd she die?" Parrish asked concerned.

Lydia looked at all of us before starting again. "How's not the story. It's what happened right before. My grandmother, Lorraine, used to work in San Francisco for IBM. She was there on a weekend, catching up on work. She started hearing this sound... like rain. But when she looked out the windows, all she saw was blue sky." She explained further that her grandmother was a banshee and experimented on Meredith. "My grandmother drove her insane and I drove her to suicide. And all she ever wanted to do was help." I put my hand on her shoulder. She shows us a piece of paper with a code leaving Lydia a message but its not like the dead pool because it has no key.

The next day I got ready with a grey button up cardigan and paired it with some loose light blue jeans. I brushed through my hair still a bit damp from my shower I took last night, it was still wavy nonetheless.

I walked to school like I usually do. I got to school and saw multiple posters for a bonfire. Maybe I'll go, I won't drink, or maybe I will. Okay, I'll go maybe have a drink if I'm in the mood and spend the time dancing or helping students that may have troubles.

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