Chapter 23

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This is a Birthday chapter for Leonora but it doesn't have a relation to the current story. You don't have to read it.

I dread this day especially since we found out two days ago that there is a person trying to kill my friends.

This day is my birthday but its also the day I lost control and killed a family in 1902. One mother, one father, a sister, and a brother. I killed them because I hadn't had blood in weeks and I was still young. That day forward I hardly celebrate my birthday, I don't like people making a big deal over it anyways.

I got dressed I wore my light ripped jeans, they were a bit baggy so I put a belt on, I put on an oversized sweater and put on light makeup and slightly curled my hair. I finished by putting on my white converses.

I made cinnamon rolls, I can celebrate a little bit right? I mean its been a long time. I finish my rolls then brush my teeth. I grab my backpack and walk out the door only to be tripped by a box on my porch. I get up and open the box. There was a note from Stefan on the top.

I know you hate your birthday but I needed to get you something. Currently I'm in Mystic Falls and this is just the first to come. Caroline forced everyone to mail you gifts and they have scheduled calls. Hope you have a good day.

I pull out the gift and it was a lovely blue dress that seems to reach my knees. I put it down on the couch and leave.

I go to school. Everyone was still nervous about the Benefactor but we still acted like it was a normal day.

I went to chemistry and everyone was in that class. We were all talking when I see a man in a suit come in and whisper to Lydia's mom who was the teacher fill in.

She pointed at me.

He walks over and everyone in the class went quiet. He handed me my favorite flower, the Sunflower. He smiled and said "For the lovely lady." I take it reluctantly with everyone staring. He then gave me a note, I took it too. I read it, making sure no one was looking.

Hello Leonora, right now you are most likely fuming because of this big presentation in the middle of your class. You think today is not a day to celebrate but it is. You need to forgive yourself you are not a monster. Happy birthday, Savior. Always and Forever -Klaus

Of course it was him. I close the note before anyone peeks over. The man leaves and I ignored everyone.

Klaus was right I am fuming. Stiles, Lydia, Scott, Malia, and Kira were all asking me what happened and who that guy was but I continued to space them out.

The bell rang and it was lunch. I grabbed everything and walked outside really fast. I grabbed my phone and dialed Klaus's number. It rang a few times and he finally answered. "Klaus I swear I'm going to-"

"Sorry Leonora but this is Elijah."

"Okay but will you get Klaus I need to kill him"

"No hello? How are you? How's it been?"

"Sorry but he did that infornt of the whole class! Why couldn't he have sent things to the house?"

"He likes to be extravagant you know this. But he isn't here right now I'll tell him you called. Happy birthday."


He hung up! Elijah hung up on me!

I turn around and the whole group was staring at me. Malia started talking "It's your birthday?" Damn supernatural hearing.

"No." I turn to leave but Lydia grabs my arm yet again.

"That's a lie and we all know it. Now why didn't you tell us? We should celebrate!"

I shook my head and ripped my arm from her hand "No, no, no we are not celebrating anything. I'm all celebrated out, please just leave it. I got to go."

I start walking to the field, if they were smart they wouldn't bug me.

I threw away the flower so no one else asks me about it, I'm not heartless though and kept the note. Shoot, I forgot my lunch I walk up and enter the school.

I walk to my locker and open it. A bunch of sunflowers without stems start falling out hitting the ground. Everyone stares.

I groan and drag a large garbage over to my locker and scoop up the flowers and throw them in. I was almost in tears. I really hate this day, I should have stayed in.

Someone stands next to me but I payed no attention to them, I just continued scooping. "Why do you hate today? It's your birthday you should be happy." It was Stiles I remember me and him saying that we can talk to each other.

I scoff "I have my reason's."

He groans "I hate this you're pushing everyone away today. Just tell me and get it off your chest."

I finish throwing them away but Stiles grabbed one. "Fine. Let's go outside, it feels like the walls are closing in."He nods and I closed my locker door.

We walk outside and sit on a bench. Stiles never prodded me he knew this was a difficult situation.

I took a deep breath and began explaining "Well when I was traveling this one town knew what I was and they put vervain in my drink. It burned my insides and I ran. I didn't have any blood for at least a week and I was so hunger. I then stumbled upon a house with a family in it and I killed them." At this point I started crying "I drained their blood. They had life's ahead of them, and I took that. I took their life's." I was crying with my face in my hands.

Stiles stood up from his side of the bench and sat next to me with a hand on my shoulder. "Vampy I understand why you're upset but did you think we were going to judge you? Everyone here loves you and needs you. You've been strong for so long, you need to rest." I nodded my head and put my head on his shoulder.

After a while (missing a couple classes) Stiles began to talk "Don't be mad but we all chipped in to take you to a fancy restaurant. It was Lydia's idea."

I start laughing of course it was. Everyone joined us when school was done. "If I'm going I have rules. First no presents this is already enough, second no asking about my attitude earlier, and third no singing happy birthday." They all nodded their heads. We all left to get ready.

I put on the dress Stefan got me and some black heals, I put on light pink lipstick on.

I heard a knock on the door and Lydia was there "You look amazing, now let's go!" She pulled me to her car and I got in.

Malia, Scott, Kira, and Stiles were in his jeep, there wasn't enough room for me and Lydia. We drove to the restaurant and it wasn't too fancy but fancy enough.

We walked in and the waitress took us to our table. I get a caprese salad and steak with potatoes. This is some of the best fun I had in months we just ate and talked. They're understanding and looked pass my moodiness that they didn't deserve. I'm really grateful for my friends who are always here for me when I need them.

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