Chapter 16

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It's been two weeks and everything is pretty boring. Kira is apart of our group now because she's some kind of supernatural.

There's some girl named Malia, I don't know her though.

Me and Stefan are going to a glow in the dark party Ethan invited me, its at Dereks place.

I throw on a white tank top and some light blue jeans, I walk out to see Stefan wearing similar clothes but he's wearing a t-shirt.

We hop in the car "You should get your own car, you know we have the money right?" Stefan asked. I shrugged, I'm of age to drive I just can't I worry to much about the people in the car, what if I hurt someone?

We reached Derek's place, its kinda gloomy. I hear the music and people talking, Stefan slides the doors open and we see a lot of people dancing with glow in the dark paint everywhere.

Ethan came up to us "Hi guys thanks for coming the paint is over there and the beer is over there." He pointed at two tables and walked away.

Me and Stefan looked at each other and we both walked our separate ways, he went to the drinks and I went to the paint. I drew glow in the dark hearts down my left arm.

I grabbed a paint brush and walked over to Stefan I had to use my strength to pull his hand off his drink. I painted long squiggly lines on both his inner arms.

We both danced for a while, I saw Isaac and Allison kissed and I cheered for them even though they don't know I'm cheering.

I see Aiden talking to Lydia and Scott talking to Kira, I saw Lydia walk away and I lost track of her, Stiles was dancing awkwardly with some girl I didn't know.

Stefan and I were just talking about school when the music stops, I look up and see an angry man who I presume is Derrek. "GET OUT" Everyone stares at him and they start running out, I look at my brother and give him a nervous smile.

Allison and Isaac come in holding Ethan up, he looks like he got beat up.

Everyone leaves and I see about five men in black suits appear they all look at Aiden and start walking towards him.

Scott and Derek look at each other and lunge at the figures, Stefan and I do the same thing.

I was fighting with the masked figure when he pushed me down he then proceeded to stab me with a silver sword I groaned as he took it out of me, I look over to see Scott on the ground too.

Isaac let's go of Ethan and pops his claws out one of the figures reaches inside himself and grabs a another sword, Isaac backs up.

They all walk over to Aiden and they used green eyes to subdue him. I'm still on the ground, they split up three men coming for me and two after Kira, Scott stands protectively over me while I hold my wound and Stefan stands in front of Kira.

The sun starts to shine through the windows and when it hit the masked men they started to vanish like dust. How were we happy one second and fighting for our lives the other.

I held the side of my stomach trying to do the Mikaelsons trick for not feeling pain.

I took deep breaths and tried to focus on something else. Stefan rushed over to me, he pulled up my shirt to examine my wounds. "Doe's it hurt?"

I nodded my head no "What were those things?" I asked standing up.

Everyone seemed to be thinking the same question.

They decided to regroup earlier in the day, since it was morning. Stefan observed me walking to the car just in case I fell, Scott walked up to us "Hey Leonora, I was just wondering if you're okay?" he asked.

In the side of my eye I saw Stefan get in the car. "Yeah I'm fine really, I just need to get home and get some rest, this wound doesn't seem to be healing as fast."

He looked at me and smiled it was kinda awkward I was about to open the car door when he engulfed me in a hug, I was tense for a second but I relaxed into his arms.

I smiled and we said our goodbye's, I got in the car and Stefan drove us away. "You and McCall seem to be getting along." He smirked and I punched his shoulder.

"I can say the same about you and Kira" I teased. He rolled his eyes and shrugged, he was way to overprotective towards her. Well today was just another freaking supernatural day, something's trying to kill us as usual.

We got home and I checked the mail, I got letters from Caroline, Matt, Bonnie, Elena, Rebekah, and Elijah! Of course Damon and Klaus would be the ones not to write. I ran upstairs to read them, it hurt running while my wound was healing but I didn't care.

Dear Leonora,

Everything's been good lately. I kinda have a tiny crush on someone but I can't tell you until I'm completely sure I like them. Anyways how's Beacon Hills been? You already know how it is here supernatural and seriously chaotic. Thats all I have to say for now, sending love from Mystic Falls!

Hugs and kisses,
Caroline Forbes

Dear Leonora,

Mystic falls is in its normal chaos. I hope your new home has less vampires. I won't deny its kinda cool though. And I'm also really surprised I'm still alive. Anyways hope alls well.

Matt Donovan

Dear Leonora,

So what would you do if I told you I was the anchor to the living and the dead? Because I only did it for good reasons trust me, it doesn't hurt except when the dead supernatural creatures pass through me. Enough about me how are you? Are you liking the werewolves that run amuck? Just don't fall in love with anybody I don't want you getting hurt, you know we already have a lot to deal with here. I miss you so much you should visit soon!

Bonnie B.

Dear Leonora,

I'm sorry about how we left things, I know you already forgave me but it just wasnt my place to say anything. Damon asked if you're okay, he misses you and Stefan even though he won't let himself admit it. I hope you're having a great time in Beacon Hills, we're all waiting for you to come home.

Elena Gilbert

Dear Nora,

I hope you found yourself happy in Beacon Hill's as I am traveling. Right now Elijah wants to spoil my fun and drag me back to New Orleans to deal with Nik. There is no taming him we all tried but failed I don't understand why Elijah keeps trying to save him, then again he is our family so I guess he has to. I'm writing this letter getting ready to leave, I'm really hoping they have good blood there. When I get to New Orleans I will send you a letter saying the address we will be staying at. You better come visit because otherwise I'll drag you here, miss you!

Rebekah Mikaelson

Dear Leonora,

Niklaus has found himself yet again in another problem. He just found out that he is fathering a child with a werewolf. He is refusing that it is his child but I will convince him. New Orleans is completely chaotic, vampires run the Quarter, witches can't use magic, and there is not a werewolf in sight. I believe Niklaus has plans on ruling the town and maybe he will be in his right mind and do it in a orderly fashion, but then again I'm only hoping. I hope you are doing well and I hope to see you soon.

Elijah Mikaelson

What in the heck did I just read? Klaus having a baby! I started having a giggle fit. He's gonna need some luck and a whole lot of patience which he does not have.

I'm glad my friends are doing well the part about Bonnie being some kind of Anchor weirded me out but I'll write her about it.

I wrote to them real fast and will mail them later in the day. I fell asleep with paper all over my bed.

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