Chapter 3

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-Leonora's POV-

I wake up to the sound of rain, yes yes yes yes I love the rain!

I used my vampire speed to run to Stefan's room, "Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!" I squealed.

"Leonora what the actual heck?! Its 6:57 school doesn't start for another TWO HOURS! You gave me a heart attack are you trying to kill me?!"

Uh oh he's a little bit angry oops, "Okay okay stop being a drama queen. What do you want for breakfast? I can make waffles? Oooo waffles with ice cream on top!"

Stefan rolls over and puts his pillow over his head "You are such a sugar fiend. Add the ice cream to yours, put whipped cream on mine." 


During breakfast Stefan kept giving me a stare as if I was crazy for adding ice cream.

When I'm done I get up and get ready, I pull on a plain grey sweatshirt and some light jeans.

Stefan is wearing his dark clothes yet again "Someone's gonna think your depressed" I mumbled.

"Someone's gonna think your a perky cheerleader." He snapped back smirking.

"Remember we are normal" Stefan scolded.

I rolled my eyes and scoffed "Just your normal average blood-sucking teenager." Stefan gave me a stern look, "Fine, fine I'm normal but if they attack me I will easily rip their throats out."

Stefan gave me a quick sarcastic smile and we get out of the car, sadly it wasn't raining anymore.

I see Coach running up to us and looking at Stefan as if he's his only hope "Hey Salvatore, so do you think you'll try out for the team? We really need some new players." I walk up behind Coach slightly startling him

"Stefan I think you would be great. Coach to be honest I think he needs to do this, I'll convince him."

Stefan glares at me but Coach looked delighted. "Good tryouts are today, hope to see you there!"

I waved him off as he went to interrogate yet another student. "Are you crazy I've never even picked up an lacrosse thrower if that's even what its called."

We started walking into the school, "Actually I've done some research and I feel like you could do it. Oh come on! You were convinced to do football, why can't you do lacrosse," I stop him in the hall and put my hands on his shoulders and stare at him "Remember we are normal," I say mocking him "And normal people play lacrosse."

He threw his hands in the air and starts walking away "You are coming to every game Nor!"

I smile and turn around "Wouldn't miss one for the world." I whispered knowing he would hear me.

-Scott's POV-

I overheard Leonora and Stefan talking about lacrosse, she kept trying to get him to play until he gave in.

"Stiles! Stiles! Guess what."


"Stefan Salvatore is trying out to be on the team!"

"Wait hold on, more players? We already have a team."

I shook my head "Well I guess Coach really thinks he'll be good at it."

Stiles was silent for a minute or two before saying "Well then that's good you can get a better scent off him and we can see if his reflexes are supernatural or human."

I thought about it for a second "And maybe you can talk to Leonora and see if something's up with her too."

Stiles looked a little hesitant at first before putting his hand out saying "Deal."

I shook his hand and got back to my work. Another day and another supernatural to take care of.

BTW "Nor" is Leonora's nickname. You can picture what she looks like but I think she has dark brown hair with hazel/green ish eyes and a tad bit of freckles.

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