Chapter 26

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I got home. The hole in my stomach somewhat healing.

"I heard something was going from the news and was worried. I left you a bunch of calls" Rebekah said while I wrapped my injury.

I drank a some blood so it should heal by tomorrow. "I'm sorry they took our phones because of the test then they cut the WiFi so we couldn't spread panic."

I lay down on the couch. Rebekah brings me Hope. I fed her while she was sitting on my lap. We turned on the TV and I was scrolling through many channels. I found the movie Toy Soldiers and forced Rebekah to watch it.

During the movie she let out multiple gasps and I think some tears. At the end of the movie she got took Hope and put her to bed. She came back and helped me to my room. I get to my bed and fall asleep.

Today was Saturday and we were all very tired. "We should go somewhere" Rebekah insisted.

I thought of all the place we could go. We could go to a café or have a picnic in the park close to here. They are supposed to be on the down low and I think a picnic would be nice. "How about going to the park and having a picnic. We haven't done that in ages! Remember eating all that extravagant food Klaus would compel the cooks to make?" I remembered the days I had with the Mikaelsons. I saw Rebekah smiling in remembrance.

"Let's do it" she said going upstairs to get ready.

I was up a while ago so I was already dressed. I was wearing a dark green t-shirt and a black skirt that is above my knee's. I dressed Hope in a onesie that had a hood with tiny bear ears.

I would have to get groceries. I was stuck in my thoughts but I could still hear the knock on the door. I put Hope in her baby seat. I open the door to find Malia standing there with a bunch of papers.

This surprised me she hasn't talked to anyone since she found out that she's a Hale. "Hey Leonora. I really need to study and you're super smart, can you please help me?" She had a very pleading look in her eyes.

"One moment" I mumbled. I close the door and walk into the kitchen to see Rebekah holding Hope.

"Nor you should go. I never meant to stop you from hanging out with your other friends. We'll just watch some movies and make cookies" she said admiring Hope. She threw me a black leather jacket "It works with your outfit."

I thank her. "We will have an adventure one day!"

We decided on going to the school. The weekend meant not much people. We walked into the library and picked a table that was more to the side. There was only a handful of people, they were either reading or studying something.

She spread out papers and gave me her book to see what she highlighted. I looked through the book and everything is highlighted most of them in the color red.

I finished flipping through it "Okay I want you to skim over the pages again and make a list of words you don't understand" I ordered.

She grabbed a piece of paper and started writing. I browsed the shelves full of books. There was an interesting book I found called The Raft by S.A Bodeen. I took the book and sat across from Malia.

Her list was getting longer. "Nor, did you know about my real name?" Malia questions me.

I didn't.

I think that if Stiles and Scott told me they thought I would've told them to tell her the truth.

"No I didn't. They never told me. I'm not sure if Kira knew either. I wish they would've told you sooner."

She nods and go's back to writing down more words. Ever since that day in the vault I could feel a rift between everyone. I just hope it doesn't get to big.

After a couple minutes Malia handed me the list. There was a lot of words. I grabbed flash cards and wrote one word on one card and did that until I made it to the end of the list. I wrote their definitions on the other side.

I handed her the cards "Go over the cards. Once you're done go over them again. Don't stop unless you've memorized all of it."

She nods eager to learn. I look at all the assignments she had a bunch of C's and D's with a few F's. I hear the door open but I don't pay any attention.

I heard a low growl from Malia. I look up and she's furious. I turn my head to see Scott, Stiles, and Kira walk in. I roll my eye's I grab a stray piece of paper and write Don't pay attention to them just study and forget everything that happened and when we're done you can get angry.

She read the note and took a breath. She didn't do anything for a couple seconds then continued to study her cards. They sat two tables away from us.

Liam and Mason came ten minutes after Scott, Stiles, and Kira came. They sat upstairs.

We had nothing planned for today to take down the Benefactor so we all seemed ready to study. That explains why Lydia isn't here, she's the top of the class.

Stiles kept shaking his legs and glancing over at us. Malia decided to read the history book over trying to understand the words again.

Stiles stood up and walked over. Malia noticed but didn't say anything. "Malia can we talk" he begged, Malia shook her head not making eye contact with him.

I grabbed his arm and pulled him outside the library. "What is wrong with you?! She clearly doesn't want to talk right now. You and Scott kept a huge secret from her! She had the right to know from the beginning! I'm sure she wouldn't be mad at you if you told her when you found out."

I stared at him and he almost broke out in a sweat. He couldn't say anything. I scoff and go back inside. Malia gave me a tiny thankful smile and I shrugged.

This sucks.

I'm mad at Stiles and Scott and so is Malia. Liam isn't fond of them either so he only helps when he has to. Kira is Scotts girlfriend, I think, so she's already chose his side. Lydia is no where to be seen. If we keep this up we'll kill each other before the Benefactor has through chance to.

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