Chapter 6

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"Okay, okay I give up! I made them vervain bracelets."

Stefan took it upon himself to tickle my surprise for Stile's out of me. "What that's strange we didn't tell them about compulsion or vervain?"

I pushed him off the couch. "Well since we want them to trust us, I was thinking we could tell them about it and they would realize we wouldn't use it against them."

He slowly nodded his head "What makes you think we can trust them?"

Oh my gosh have we not been trying to gain their trust from day one so they don't try to hurt us! "You know we can trust them."

He looked angry now "How! How do we know they won't kill us when they learn how to?!"

I take a deep breath in and slowly let it out "Then we die."

The drive to school was silent and awkward.

We got to school and he jumped out and slammed the door not even waiting for me he went inside the school. Yup still angry.

I searched for Scott, Lydia, Allison, or Stile's. I caught scent of Lydia and started heading in that direction, I found her pulling books out of her locker.

"Hey Lydia I need to talk to you, and Stile's and Allison and Scott."

She gives me a questioning look then shrugs and starts to walk "Sometimes we meet at the picnic table at the side of the school."

She's a fast walker, I mean I'm a vampire but my normal walking speed is slower than hers.

We get to the picnic table and she takes out her phone to text someone. Three minutes later Scott, Allison, and Stile's are all here, Stile's being the last one.

I begin to talk "Okay so I haven't told you one of the coolest parts about being a vampire."

Everyone looked curious. "Its called compulsion, basically I control humans not werewolves or witches."

Stiles took a step back not wanting to be a test subject.

I look at Allison "Can you be my test subject?" She nodded her head yes. I walk up to her, grab her shoulders and say "Go over to Scott and slap him as hard as you can across the face."

Scott had a look mixed with confusion and fear.

But Allison did what I told her to do and slapped Scott "Sorry Scott but you can heal."

Lydia looked mad or was that just her resting face who knows "Well what was the point of that?" She snapped.

"The point is I can control the entire school if I wanted to, but I'm not because I'm not a the monster you think I am."

I raised my hands holding their new bracelets, Allison's is a plain black leather string with a silver circle holding the vervain, Stiles is a thick brown leather bracelet with vervain inbedded in the leather, and Lydia's is a simple charm bracelet that could go with anything.

They all smiled and picked them up knowing which ones were theirs "These bracelets are inbedded with a herb that can stop compulsion and kill a vampire, and before you ask Stiles no I'm not telling you which herb it is. You may also be wondering why this can help you trust me, well first I didn't have to tell you about compulsion and just compel you to do anything, second I gave you those bracelets so vampires can't compel you, and third I went against my brothers wishes and told you there is a herb that can harm us."

They all stood there for a while until Scott said something "I understand this was hard for you but I hope you realize we can't completely trust you yet."

I sigh "I understand too, I'm not completely sold on you either." With that I turned around and walked back inside.

I walk to the cafeteria, I noticed my table was empty thanks Stefan now I look like a loner. I grab my book half expecting him to be gone anyways and start reading and eating.

I heard someone sit across from me, I look up to see Isaac Lahey. "Hey I just wanted to say thanks for giving the bracelets to the humans." He laughed while saying humans.

I smile "No problem."

He looked confused "No like really thanks for doing that you could have kept your secrets but you told us and helped us."

I don't understand what he was doing it seemed sincere the first time he said thank you. "Well I'm starting to like it here and we just moved so I really didn't want to move again. But seriously it was no problem."

I smile and start reading my book again. After five minutes I expected him to be gone but he was still sitting across from me reading his own book. I didn't realize this but a small smile approached my lips.

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