Chapter 24

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I was studying in the large living room with two hours until school when I heard a knock on the door. I stand up to answer it.

Before I did I looked through the peep hole not wanting someone to kill me because I'm not dying in a tank top and pajama pants.

But it wasn't a killer it was Rebekah! I open the door and hug her "What are you doing here?!"

She smiles and looks down at a baby "Actually, it's what are we doing here."

I open the door wider and invited her in. "Is that?" I ask.

Rebekah nods her head telling me its Klaus's kid.

I pick up the baby girl and sway her a bit.

"Her name is Hope. Nor, it's important that no one can know we're here. Everyone thinks she's dead and if they knew she was alive they would come for her. This was the only place I could think of. Can we stay?"

I nod my head smiling then frown "I love you being here but right now there is someone going around killing any and every supernatural. So if you stay that's what you have to deal with" I warn.

She sighs "Yes and I suppose I could help since they can't kill me" she flips her hair and I laugh.

I was still holding Hope she started burping then threw up on me. "Gross, I guess I'm taking a shower."

I showed Rebekah her room and Hope would be with her.

I hoped in the shower washing away the puke that was on my shoulder.

I got ready for school and left hugging Rebekah and kissing Hope on her forehead. "I'll pick up some supplies after school. Stay inside!"

I'm in the Art classroom with Lydia and Malia. Lydia is trying to draw something with her banshee powers that might be helpful with the dead pool.

Malia mentions that Meredith may be willing to help since she will most likely be on the list too. They bicker for a while until I leave for my next class that starts in about ten minutes.

I walk out and see a bunch of lacrosse players from Devonford Prep coming out of a bus.

I stand next to Scott and Stiles who were there too. Liam is talking to what seems like the team captain. He holds out his hand to the captain making me smile maybe he has this under control.

Then the guy laughs in his face.


I can smell blood I look down at Liams hand to see that he's digging his nails into his palms.

I look over at the boys, they nod and we all run over to him. I face Liam with my back towards the captain and start whispering while Stiles distracts them "Close your eyes don't open them." He closes them and I smile.

His nails are still digging into his hands so I slip my hand into his now holding his bloody hand. We rush out of there Stiles following close behind.

Scott is in the front leading us to the boys locker room. I stop letting them go in by themselves not wanting to be overwhelmed by the smell of sweat.

I hear them talking about Liam's Intermittent Explosive Disorder and Stiles freaks out.

My phone starts buzzing and I grab it from my back pocket not checking who it was.

"Hello?" There was a babies cry and I knew it was Rebekah.

"Nor I'm really sorry to disturb you but could you also get some blood bags I'm parched" she whines.

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