Chapter 9

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I wiped the blood off my mouth, Stiles blood wasn't the best but it still tasted fine.

I sat down on the couch with my stuffed animal which I've had since I was a human and everyone else did the same, we turned on a movie and that's when I realized they weren't going to leave me alone.

There was a knock at the door and I froze, I knew it was Damon. Stefan got up and opened the door I heard them greet eachother.

Stefan may have forgave Damon for stealing the love of his life but I won't Stefan was happy and he deserves the world.

"Well well if it isn't the littlest Salvatore. Oh and her gang of wolfs and humans."

I sat up and speed over to him and threw him against the wall, this caused everyone to stand up and prepare to hold me back.

"If you lay a finger on anyone in this town I will rip out your throat and feed it to Elena."

No I don't hate Elena shes been through a lot, I just hate how she played with Stefan's feelings.

I grab Damon and pull him up "Now tell me about your Original problems."

Stiles was totally ready for whatever was about to be spoken of the Mikealson family.

Damon sat down and explained all the problems in Mystic Falls "Klaus is a hybrid right the only hybrid. He wants more so he's not alone so he needs Elena's blood since she a doppelganger. His whole family is now resurected including their powerful witch mother. Right now they are hosting a ball in two days, but we don't know why, we just know it has something to do with Elena."

Everyone was silent the only people understanding what he said was me, Stefan, and Stiles. "I'm going."

Everyone looked at me Stefan was against it "What do you mean your going?"

I looked at him then at Damon "You need all the help you can get and I know a thing or two about them."

Stefan and Damon looked at each other but Damon was the one to talk "You'll need a ball gown and a date."

Stiles jumped up "Can I go?! Pleaseee I can take care of myself and I really want to see a hybrid and an original."

Everyone was shocked that he wanted to go.

"Fine, just so you know if I need to do something I will leave you faster than you can say doppelganger."

He shook his head and smiled. Everyone started leaving but Allison and Lydia volunteered to take me dress shopping.

I went shopping with Allison and Lydia and found a beautiful blue dress. I pack my bags and we grab Stiles and make our way to Mystic Falls.

We step into the boarding house "It feels good to be home."

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