Chapter 12

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I walk into the house to find complete silence. I walk further into the house to see them all sitting by the fire still in their clothes they wore to the ball not saying anything.

"Hey guys."

Stiles turned and smiled at me but the rest didn't even move a muscle.

"What you're ignoring me now, how mature."

Damon stands up and so does Elena, but Elena is the one talking to me "You wanna tell us why your so buddy buddy with the Mikaelsons?! That family is evil all they cause is chaos!"

I felt my whole body tense as Elena said the word evil.

"You wanna talk about evil, what about my brother right here," I turned my body towards Damon "need I remind you he killed multiple people in this town, he abused Caroline, killed our nephew Zach, snapped Jeremeys neck not knowing he would live, and he killed Lexi right in front of Stefan! The Mikaelsons may be evil but they are my family too."

Everyone was standing up, the only ones who looked mad was Damon and Elena.

Stefan started talking "Damon has done all those horrible things but lately he has been better," does he not realize its because of Elena if she ends things he will go ballistic, Stefan continued "And now we understand why Elijah didn't let Klaus or Rebekah hurt anyone its because we are your friends and family. We are still here Nor and I just wanted to tell you I'm not mad at you for being with them, none of us should be mad."

Damon scoffed and walked Elena out of the house.

Matt, Tyler, and Jeremy left because they have school, Stiles fell asleep he called his dad and Scott said he might stay the whole week with me, but Bonnie and Caroline decided to stay.

We talk for a while before they ask me about the Mikaelsons.

"This was my first time seeing Esther and Finn but I will tell you about the rest of them. Elijah, he's very noble he believes in peace he's also a feminist. Klaus constantly being considered evil but really he's just misunderstood. Kol he can get violent if he doesn't get what he wants, I once watched him slaughter hundreds of people at a party, I often wonder if its because he needs someone to love or he's acting out because he misses having magic. Me and Kol have a bond because just like how Rebekah, Klaus, and Elijah ignore him sometimes Stefan and Damon would ignore me too. Rebekah she is amazing she constantly finds love but its always torn away from her. Their family is chaotic but they would do anything for each other and I'm happy they consider me family."

Bonnie takes a sip of her coffee and Caroline who was laying down on the couch sighs.

"You know I've never seen Klaus act that way around anyone but you. I think he fancy's you."

This caused her to sit up real fast "What no!"

Bonnie decided to join in too "He did seem to try to dazzle you at the ball."

We all start laughing. I missed them so much, when me Stefan first came to Mystic Falls they welcomed me with open arms. They are my best friends and I hope Elena isn't to mad with me, she shouldn't be, Damon did so much damage to her that if she is mad at me for having friends she doesn't like than I don't want her as a friend. I'm thinking of the amazing week ahead with the Mikaelsons and my bestfriends, then I slowly start to drift into a deep sleep.

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