Chapter 10

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We walk into our house and it looks similar but different at the same time.

"SUPRISE!" I hear a bunch of people yell. I turn to see Elena, Bonnie, Caroline, Jeremy, Tyler, and Matt.

"Welcome home!" Bonnie and Caroline say in sync.

They all start running at me and give me and Stefan a group hug "I missed you guys so much!" I say when we all let go from the hug.

Caroline looks at Stiles and smiles "You brought us a snack?" She said jokingly.

"No guys this is Stiles Stilinski, his bestfriend is a werewolf and his bestfriends girlfriend is an Argent, and his crush of ten years is a Banshee."

Everyone nodded their heads being impressed on how he's not dead.

Matt walks up and shakes Stiles hand "I'm the only human too."

Everyone starts to laugh.

Music starts playing and we all talk, dance, drink. For a couple hours we were just friends having fun without a single worry in the world.

"One hour until the Mikaelsons party let's get dressed" I say to everyone.

I lead Stiles to a guestroom so he can get ready, me and the girls go to the room Elena has her things in.

Caroline and Elena do each others makeup I do Bonnie's and she doe's mine.

"I'm scared I've only heard of the Mikaelsons never seen them."

Bonnie starts curling my hair as Elena tells me about them "Rebekah can be a big stick in the butt, Klaus is just scary, Elijah is noble and just, and we are meeting Esther, Finn, and Kol tonight. We start getting our dresses on, Bonnie wears a simple long red dress, Elena wears a black and gold one, and Caroline wears a fancy dark blue dress.

"Where did you get your dress Caroline?"

She twirls "Klaus he's trying to charm me."

I smirk apparently she has an admirer.

I slip on my dress, Elena gasps "Oh my gosh Nor that dress is made for you!" I do a tiny twirl. "Let's get going!"

The dress Leonora is wearing:

We all walk up the steps to the door, I take Stiles hand

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We all walk up the steps to the door, I take Stiles hand. We pushed the doors open and walk in, I see people dancing and talking.

I see two people walk up to me I turn around to see if Damon and Stefan were still there but all of my friends have disbursed.

"My name is Elijah and this is my brother Niklaus."

I give them a tiny bow and Stiles just smiles "My name is Leonora Salvatore and this is Stiles Stilinski" they both grab one of my hands and they both give the back of my hands a gentle kiss at the same time.

Klaus looked at someone and said "I'm sorry Elijah and I have to meet our other guests will you excuse us?"

I bow my head as a yes.

I lead Stiles to the dance floor he kept stepping on my feet "Sorry I don't dance."

I give him a small smile "Just follow me and sway to the music."

We danced for a while, we got tired so he went and got drinks. I was standing observing people I saw Elena walk up the stairs somewhere.

"Leonora?" I turn around to see a blond girl with blues eyes.

"Sorry do I know you?"

She looked down "No of course not I'm Rebekah."

I laugh "Another Mikaelson right." She starts laughing too.

We talk for a bit she seems very open I don't know why Elena why doesn't like her.

Esther makes a toast and we all take a drink of punch. I decide to take a walk around the house leaving Stiles with Stefan and Caroline.

I was walking when I see a balcony not only that but Damon is getting beat up by what I believe is Kol Mikaelson, I run up and push him over the railing, he falls and hits the ground.

I run out leaving Damon to heal I run past Stefan, Elena, Caroline, Stiles, Matt, and Bonnie. I run over and kneel besides Kol who was groaning "Why?! Why did you do that? What did he do to you?"

Everyone left of the party was circled around me and Kol, which was my friends and brothers and also the rest of the Mikaelsons not including Esther and Finn.

I pull out a white oak stake dagger out of my pocket, everyone gasps, I've had it as long as I remember but I don't know why.

I start yelling at Kol again "Tell me what he did to you!"

Rebekah walks up to me "Leonora you need to stop, you need to calm down."

I turn and talk to her "I barely know you guys and you're trying to kill my brother."

Rebekah turns to Elijah and Klaus and says "Make her remember!"

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