Chapter 31

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I wake up in a car with Stefan and Caroline. Some man was driving. Stefan and Caroline seemed to know him but I didn't.

"You are you?"

He laughed and looked in the mirror right at me "Enzo and you must be Stefan and Damon's sister."

I look back at Stefan but he seemed just as confused as I was. He said a man named Kai who was probably the killer was dead and the whole coven if witches there too. He also said there was a bigger problem. I'm always so oblivious, I need to keep up on what's happening here while I'm in Beacon Hills.

We pulled up to a place with a bunch of huge metal boxes. Some lady was there and Stefan got out. I looked at my shoulder and tried to wipe the blood off.

I look back at them and realize he was talking to my mom. My mom?

I got out of the car and stared at her, she was supposed to be dead. She doesn't seem to notice me and goes to the next box.

"Mom" I whisper but she goes back to yelling with Stefan. 

She walks off. Going to another box. Stefan turns towards me.

I walk in front of him. "Mom!" She turns back and stares at me.

"Leonora?" I walk up to her and she stays there.

I hover my hand at her face while she smiles a bit. I touch her cheek and tears fill my face.

How is she here?

I turn towards Stefan and he gives me a sympathy look but he's still mad at her for some reason.

"Are you real?" I ask.

She nods and I wrap her in a hug. I start crying even more. She's alive! She's here! We stay like that for a second but she lets go and starts walking away to look again.

She didn't even say anything. She just left. What's more important than seeing her daughter for the first time in over one hundred years? Shouldn't she be happy like I am?

Stefan goes after her and Caroline helps me back to the car. I lean my head against the seats headrest and silently cry.

"I don't understand."

Caroline soothes me and tells me to take deep breathes so I don't hyperventilate. I stop crying and sit up. Enzo hands me a handkerchief and I wipe the remaining tears.

Stefan gets back in the car. "Is there something wrong with me? Did I do something wrong?" I turn to look at him.

He gulped and looked down. "She turned before us, when we thought she died. She has these people, witch siphoners that turned into vampires, we call them heretics. She see's them as her family. She let me and Damon down multiple times since she got here, we didn't want her to let you down too."

I pressed my lips together and nod. Enzo let's us take his car. We've been informed we can visit Elena. Stefan drives with Caroline in the passenger seat and me in the back holding my legs and staring out the window.

Damon told us that Kai linked Bonnie and Elena together so while Bonnie's alive Elena will be asleep.

I sit next to her in the hospital looking at her monitor. Damon and her were finally happy, she changed him, so what's going to happen if shes gone? Stefan and Caroline come in next. I go to the bathroom to wash the blood off. I look in the mirror and try to push back more tears.

I grabbed paper towels and ran water over them in the sink. I grabbed a hair tie from my purse and put my hair up in a low ponytail. I wash my face noticing how irritated and red my eyes were. I grab some more towels and wash the blood off my shoulder, wincing each time I touched it, it wasn't healing as fast as I hoped. I looked at my dress which was cut up and bloody.

Caroline found me "We're going back to our houses. Damon said he would grab Elena in the morning." I nod and head out with her trailing behind me.

Stefan and I got to the boarding house and it was silent. I walked off to my room which seemed darker than it was. I turned on a lamp and opened a window to let some fresh air in.

I walked into my bathroom and turned on the shower. I placed fresh clothes on the sink counter. I walked in and closed the clear door. The whole time I just stood there. It was like the thoughts were flowing out of my brain. Honestly I just wanted to sleep so it was a very short shower. I put on my pajamas which was an old sweatshirt and sweats. I walked out of my bathroom and flopped on my bed. I put my headphones in and listened to my sad playlist for a while.

"Oh no Nor's got her sad playlist going. She's having trouble thinking." I sit up and see Stefan by the door holding a hot chocolate.

He held his hand out silently asking to come in, I nod and turned off my music while putting my headphones and phone on my bedside table.

He sat down on the other side of my bed and handed me the hot chocolate. It had whipped cream and cinnamon sprinkled on top. I sip on my warm drink and Stefan just sits there. It's a bit awkward.

I hold the mug in my lap and look at my brother "Did you wanna talk? We probably should." He sighed and was about to say something but Damon walked through the door.

"Having a family meeting without me, that hurts" Damon put his hand on his chest and gave us sad eyes.

I chuckled and Stefan rolled his eyes but smiled. I patted the open spot on my bed and he jumped making me spill hot chocolate on myself. I flicked his forehead and right after I did Damon slapped his hand over it in pain.

"Anyways I was going to ask you your thoughts on Lily" Stefan said ignoring Damon who was groaning in pain. Once Damon stopped being so dramatic I was ready to answer.

"I didn't know she was alive so I really don't have much to say. Well to be honest I've thought about it for years. Mom being alive and being there for us like when you were in your ripper phase, Damon not caring about who he hurts, and me who went away for years because I was to weak to handle it. And I just wish I had a bit of closure. I was so young when she died that I barely remembered her when I saw her." I took a deep breath and looked at my brothers who were listening but also in deep thought. "I'm angry. I'm mad that she let father abuse you for so long. Frustrated that she didn't find us when we were older. Most of all I'm mad that she has other people she considers family. I don't know whether to leave and help in Beacon Hills or stay for a while and try to help here. Then again Stefan was her favorite so I probably would do no good" I showed them I was done with the conversation by drinking my hot chocolate.

Damon starts laughing. I raised an eyebrow and looked at Stefan who was also confused. He keeps laughing until I prod him with my foot to remind him that we're still here.

He stops laughing and looks at us "Sorry. It's just that I was no ones favorite. Nor you had Giuseppe and Stefan had Lily." He looked happy, he was probably trying not to think about Elena.

I cut him off before he could say anything else. "First of all I was father's favorite because he expected me to marry some rich man. He never raised his voice at me because he said if I did it wasn't proper. He never hit me because no man would want a women with scars." I pause to roll my eyes then continued. "Remember the time he was about to hit you two so I grabbed a knife and put it to my hands so he wouldn't? Well after that I was restricted. I could only go somewhere with someone because he feared that I would scar my skin and no one would want me."

Stefan nodded knowing I won this argument. Damon rolled his eyes. Stefan looked at him "What are you planning to do when Elenas gone?"

Damon paused to think about it. "Not sure. We're saying our goodbye's tomorrow."

We all sighed in unison. "Us Salvatore's have been in a big slump lately" I added. My brothers nodded their head.

We talked for a while after that, mostly about random things, all I talked about were the people at Beacon Hills. After, we all passed out on my bed exhausted over the day we had. Weddings, covens, evil siphoners, new friends dying, linked friends, and lots of death. I just want a normal day.

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